Iron Dome System Israel Invisible Shield Protecting From Hamas Rockets Attack: Hamas Rocket Rains, Israeli ‘Iron Armor’ Iron Dome Ramping

Iron Dome System Israel Invisible Shield Protecting From Hamas Rockets Attack: Hamas Rocket Rains, Israeli ‘Iron Armor’ Iron Dome Ramping

There have been war-like situations between Israel and Palestine. The Palestinian militant group Hamas has fired more than 1700 rockets on Israel so far. Most of these rockets have been destroyed by the Israeli Iron Dome Missile Defense System. Hamas is using its new rocket Ayush this time to target Israeli cities Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It is said that this rocket can hit up to 250 kilometers. The Hamas rain rocket had no significant impact on Israel. The biggest reason for this is that the Iron Dome system, called the Iron Armor of Israel, killed 90 percent of Hamas rockets in the middle of the road. Let’s know what is the Iron Dome system that has become an impenetrable wall …

Iron Dome is a symbol of Israel’s pride and pride

In 1991, Iraq fired its skid missiles at Israel’s Telaviv city. To counter this major threat hovering over Israel, the US immediately launched its Patriot missiles and killed Saddam Hussein’s skid missiles midway. Nearly 30 years later, a fierce attack on Israel took place again. Hamas fired more than 1750 rockets on Israel, but Israeli security forces ruined the attack with an indigenously developed Iron Dome missile defense system. The Iron Dome system is a symbol of peace and dignity for Israel, which has now become the US and is buying it. It is called the world’s best anti missile defense system. The ‘Iron Dome’ is a short-range air defense system, designed to destroy rockets, artillery and mortars. This Israeli system has surprised the world with its success many times.

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Know how the Israeli Iron Dome works

The Iron Dome defense system can operate in all climates. According to media reports, it examines the range and direction of the target area and plays the warning siren. Local people have 30 to 90 seconds to go to safe places after the siren is sounded. The Iron Dome then launches an ‘Iron Dome’ operators counter missile, anticipating the attack with the help of his radar, and destroys the rocket in the air. Each launcher of the Iron Dome consists of 20 interceptor missiles. These missiles have an unmatched ability to smell rockets and missiles. This ruins the rocket attack up to an altitude of 70 km. However, Israel also has to pay a heavy price for it. He has to spend 50 thousand dollars on each interceptor missile. In view of the threat of attack, Israel has deployed battery of Iron Dome system in unknown places all over the country.

Iron Dome has been protecting Israel since 2011


In 2011, Israel deployed the Iron Dome system for the first time. After the Israeli-Lebanon war in 2006, the Israeli government announced the creation of this system. In Israel-Lebanon war, Hizbulla fired rockets in number of thousands on Israel. Taking lessons from this attack, Israel decided to build the Iron Dome system. The Iron Dome system was built by Rafael Advanced Defense System of Israel. He is also assisted by Israel Aerospace Industries in this. The Rafale company claims that the Iron Dome is capable of preventing 90 percent of attacks. It also has a mobile version that works to provide air security to the military, industries and administrative buildings. There is also a naval version of the Iron Dome which provides protection to Israeli ships at sea. The Iron Dome is capable of working both day and night. Israel is also building an Iron Dome for America named Sky Hunter.

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Israeli planes wreaked havoc, Hamas metro tunnel ruined

Israel has deployed thousands of troops and tanks along the Gaza border to respond to the Hamas attacks. On the other hand, 160 aircraft of Israel are destroying Hamas targets in Gaza city. In the latest incident, Israeli fighter jets, tanks and cannons bombarded the Hamas metro tunnels, destroying it for several kilometers. The Israeli military issued a statement saying that the security forces targeted 150 Hamas targets. Israel said that Hamas members make tricolor from the city of Gaza to infiltrate Israel. The Israeli military said several rocket launching locations were also targeted. Israeli tanks and thousands of troops have reached the border of Gaza on Friday. They are firing in the Palestinian territories. Israel has called 9 thousand of its reserve soldiers to work for vigorous action against Hamas. Israeli authorities have asked their people living on the border to go inside the bunkers.

Video- Israel’s bloody revenge, 11 Hamas commanders killed

Israel’s bloody revenge, killing 11 Hamas commanders

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