Ips shivdeep lande news: ips shivdeep lande will return to bihar cadre after five years : Bihar supercop Robinhood Pandey returns

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Ips shivdeep lande news: ips shivdeep lande will return to bihar cadre after five years : Bihar supercop Robinhood Pandey returns

Patna: Bihar Police has some such rare officers, in whose name even good criminals and the ghosts of the mafia run. These IPS officers not only remained in the discussion but also broke as a call on the goons and rogues. One such name is Shivdeep Vamanrao Lande. Presently Shivdeep Lande is serving in Maharashtra Police. But soon he is going to return to Bihar. Know why there is a fear of Lande’s name in the world of Jarayam…

When the then trainee IPS Shivdeep Wamanrao Lande had wreaked havoc on the stone mafia

When the sand and stone mafia was becoming belligerent in Rohtas, Shivdeep Lande was deployed there. After this, Lande launched a tremendous campaign against the sand and stone mafia. He caught many mafia and put them behind the bars. In Bihar, Lande first came into the limelight because of the stone mafia. Then he was a trainee IPS in Munger, during an action stone mafia attacked him and injured him, but even then this brave officer was heavy on him.

Sixes were rescued by Lahariya cut bikers in Patna

In the year 2008-09, then Shivdeep was in charge of the traffic SP of Patna. At that time Patna was troubled by Lahariya Cut bikers. Then Shivdeep Lande himself started the campaign by standing on the road. This picture is from the same time, on seeing Lande, the sixes of the Laharia cut bikers started missing. The situation was that the traffic SP of Patna himself came out on the road and started teaching a lesson to such bikers. As a result, such bikers disappeared from the roads of the capital.

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When the inspector was caught wearing a blanket for taking bribe

This picture is from January 2015. Lande used to be the SP of Patna then. During this, Shivdeep Lande got information on the phone that in Patna, a UP Police Inspector Sarvchand was taking bribe. To hide his identity, Lande came out wearing a scarf and caught Inspector Sarvchand for taking bribe. However, Inspector Sarvchandra was later released due to lack of evidence.

Girls are fans of this supercop

The girls of Bihar are fans of IPS Shivdeep Wamanrao Lande. Once three drunkards started harassing a girl walking on a road in the city. The girl immediately called Shivdeep Lande. Within a few minutes, these IPS themselves reached here and saved the girl. Although the miscreants escaped from there, but this IPS later sent them behind the bars till their arrest.

Me and Supercop ‘Rabinhood Pandey’

This picture is from the year 2015. I was an assistant news editor in a TV channel at that time. Suddenly Shivdeep Lande arrived there, in the same office, he used to get along very well with my colleague and a well-known senior crime reporter from Patna. On this pretext, he also got my acquaintance with this officer. Till then, I didn’t have a very good idea about the police. But my perception changed during my conversation with Shivdeep Lande. I came to know that the attitude of this officer towards crime is of zero tolerance. I am not praising anyone much, I am just writing what is the reality. At that time I came to know why people like this IPS so much.

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