iphone users facing bug in ios 14: iphone users are facing a bug in ios 14 and apple hasnt fixed users may have to face problems for a long time

iphone users facing bug in ios 14: iphone users are facing a bug in ios 14 and apple hasnt fixed users may have to face problems for a long time


  • iPhone users are facing this problem
  • This bug in iOS 14 became the cause of trouble
  • Apple also could not find the solution

New Delhi. Apple is about to launch the new iPhone 13 series with the new iOS 15 operating system. But there is a problem that can trouble iOS 14 users and Apple has not been able to solve this problem till now. In fact, soon after upgrading to iOS 14, frequent Apple iPhone users started complaining about their experiences with CarPlay.

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There is said to be a bug that sometimes causes error messages to pop-up that read – “Only one accessory can be used at a time”. It’s been going on for a long time, but according to a report from 9to5 Mac, Apple hasn’t fixed it yet.

This bug has appeared several times during the use of iOS 14 and now we are seeing Apple entering iOS 15. People have taken to Reddit forums and Apple Discussion pages to complain about this bug.

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Talking about what the bug does, an iPhone user said, “This was about six months ago, with the iOS 14 update, when it was connected to the car. iOS won’t see that the iPhone is unplugged from the car, and so you won’t get any audio from your phone’s speakers. After which an “Only one accessory can be used at a time” error pop-up will appear on the screen when attempting to plug the phone back into the car.

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The user continues, “Checking your sound output settings will reveal that the iPhone thinks it is still playing audio from the dock connector and there is no option to play audio from the speakers. The earpiece will still work. At the same time, Bluetooth or other headphones will also work. However, the lighting device will not work. In this case no interface sound like keyboard click, lock sound etc. will also be heard.

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Apparently the only way to fix this problem is by rebooting your iPhone. However, this problem does not always occur. One user said that once I got this message, CarPlay was not working. But when I try again 30 minutes later, when the cars move, it reconnects again without any problem. I have a problem about 1 out of 10 times when connecting an iPhone to CarPlay.

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