Inspira organizes an annual raffle to create a new location that supports children with cancer | News

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Inspira organizes an annual raffle to create a new location that supports children with cancer | News

The Inspira organization launches the Inspira 2021 Annual Raffle, with the aim of creating a new shelter with a rehabilitation room for low-income children who suffer from cancer and need to continue their treatment, informed the institution’s founder, Ricardo Pun Chong.

The hostel encourages conversation and community life, and focuses on the formation of healthy eating habits and motor and cognitive skills, so that, in this way, they face the disease with optimism, he indicated.

“We are building a new dream, we want to continue helping children who need us so that they can face the disease with a smile, and continue to be creative, playful and full of energy,” said Pun Chong.

How to participate in the Inspira 2021 Annual Raffle?

If you are interested in lending a hand and helping these children who need your support, you can buy a raffle by entering here or donate through this link

If you want to be a volunteer, you can join as a sponsor or seek to contact them to provide their support, by entering or by calling the phones 01-6391158 / 915054465/915054451 and to the email [email protected]

Cancer figures

According to the 2018 Global Cancer Observatory (Globocan), in Peru presents 1,800 new cases of childhood cancer every year.

Cancer is a costly and painful disease, which, in many cases, cannot be paid for when you have low financial resources. That is why Inspira was born, the shelter that since 2008 has created a circle of hope around many families.

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Experts assure that the 8.5% of children and adolescents with cancer problems abandon treatment, for a series of reasons, among them, because families that come from the provinces cannot afford their stay in the capital, nor the daily meals, putting treatment at risk.

Currently, in Peru the monthly need has been projected to 600 beds per month, which leaves a gap of almost 50% of families that are not being cared for in the province.

Inspira seeks that no low-income child who arrives from the interior of the country, suspend their treatments and offer them a temporary shelter and healthy food that includes their mother for as long as necessary.

Specialists from the National Institute of Neoplastic Diseases (IN IN) and the National Institute of Child Health in San Borja (INSN-SB), accompany the treatment.

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