India’s soy cake exports up 48 percent in May

India’s soy cake exports up 48 percent in May

Indore (Madhya Pradesh), Jun 8 (PTI) India’s soya cake exports rose 48 per cent to 80,000 tonnes in May this year amid a decline in domestic production. In May last year, 54,000 tonnes of soya cakes were exported from the country.

Soyabean Processors Association of India (SOPA), an Indore-based organization of processors, gave this information on Tuesday.

The US was the major importer of Indian soya cake in May (8,200 tonnes), according to SOPA data.

The data also shows that during May, soya cake production at the country’s oil plants declined by 24 per cent to 3.99 lakh tonnes. In May 2020, 5.24 lakh tonnes of soya cakes were made in domestic plants.

DN Pathak, executive director of SOPA, told “PTI-Bhasha”, “Due to the restrictions imposed in May for the prevention of Kovid-19 in different states of the country, major mandis remained closed due to which oil plants could not soybean as raw material.” As a result the production of soya cake in the plants also decreased.

He also informed that the demand for soya cake from the country’s poultry industry remained low in May due to the crisis arising out of the pandemic.

The product left after soybean oil is extracted in processing plants is called soya cake. This product is a great source of protein. It is used to prepare animal feed and chicken feed along with foods such as soya flour and soya bedi.

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