indian passengers at australia detention centre: Australia considering to keep India Returnees passengers at Detention Centre:

indian passengers at australia detention centre: Australia considering to keep India Returnees passengers at Detention Centre:

Preparations are being made to imprison people coming from India in Australia in a detention camp. The Mauritian government of Australia fears that a highly contagious strain of corona may come to their country through people coming from India. Recently, the government imposed a 7-day lockdown in Melbourne due to increasing cases of corona. Earlier, the Australian government had banned all people coming from India. Later the restrictions were relaxed but people coming from there are being compulsorily quarantined.

Western Australian Government decision
The Russian news agency Sputnik quoted a government spokesman from the Australian state of Western Australia as saying that Australia is considering keeping passengers returning from India in a detention center on Christmas Island. The woman spokesperson also said that her state government is also looking at several other options, including Commonwealth Detention Facility, Rottnest Island Detention Facility. Other suggested locations include Learmuth and Busselton Airports, Australian Air Force Base Pierce.
Virus Outbreak Australia.

This detention center is notorious
The Christmas Island Immigration Reception and Processing Center (Christmas Island IRPC) was built by the Australian Government. This detention center has been used to house illegal migrants and asylum seekers. Worried about the atrocities on illegal immigrants living here, the Australian government closed this detention center forever in 2018. Australian guards used to force people to live in inhuman conditions at this center.

Coronavirus Latest News Update: Only 26 positive yet one week lockdown in Melbourne, read why
The government was in dispute over the ban on people coming from India
Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s federal government last month banned flights from India. Even those who violated the travel ban were threatened with fines of $500,000 and up to five years in prison. Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan told the state parliament last week that he supported the return home of Australians stranded in India.

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From today, passengers going from India to Australia will be jailed for 5 years and fined 50 lakhs, there is a ruckus over the decision
Centre-state dispute over vaccination in Australia
The Premier of Victoria has blamed the Conservative central government led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison for the slow vaccination in the state. He said that the Scott Morrison government is responsible for the lockdown in Melbourne. If more number of people had been given the dose of corona vaccine, we would have been facing a very different situation than we are today, but sadly this did not happen.

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