Indian Expats Can Celebrate Diwali With Indian Food Culture And Firework In UAE: Away from home or memory of family coming? Indian expatriates can celebrate Diwali in these ways in UAE

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Indian Expats Can Celebrate Diwali With Indian Food Culture And Firework In UAE: Away from home or memory of family coming? Indian expatriates can celebrate Diwali in these ways in UAE

Today Diwali is being celebrated in many countries of the world along with India. Every corner of the world where Indians live will be lit up with light today. This also includes the United Arab Emirates where a large number of Indian expatriates live. The glimpse of every Indian festival is also seen in UAE. In such a situation, those Indians who for some reason could not go to their homes today or are celebrating Diwali in UAE itself. They can fill their Diwali with color and light in these five ways.

Extensive glimpse of Indian culture at Expo 2020


Diwali is being celebrated on 4th November this year. The biggest festival of India is also celebrated with pomp in different parts of UAE. The best place to celebrate Diwali for Indians living in Dubai right now is Dubai Expo 2020. The biggest event of the Gulf countries where a wide glimpse of Indian culture is being seen. Indians can celebrate Diwali with their families by participating in Indian pandals, songs, music, food and programs at Expo 2020. Indian rapper Badshah will perform live at Diwali Night Expo 2020.

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Enjoy Indian Cuisine in Dubai

There are many Indian restaurants in Dubai where one can easily find delicious Indian food. In such a situation, Indians can also eat indigenous food on the day of the festival. The restaurant, located on the third floor of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, has options for Indians from papdi chaat to mahi pickle. The special thing is that the beautiful view of Dubai Fountain can also be seen from here. Apart from this, Indian food can also be tasted at Mohalla Restaurant located in Dubai Design District. After a sharp drop in corona cases and the world’s most successful vaccination campaign, the UAE has opened most facilities within the country to the general public.

shine gold on diwali

Every year in India, the purchase of gold and silver on Diwali breaks its old record. As far as UAE is concerned, the Sheikhs here are known all over the world for their fondness for gold. Keeping in mind the Indian customers, Dubai Gold & Jewelery Group is offering huge discounts and various offers on the purchase of gold. So, Diwali is the best time to buy gold if the budget allows. The UAE is home to some of the world’s richest sheikhs who are extremely fond of gold. From their cars to mobiles are gold plated. Gold ATM machines installed in Dubai, which are often in the news, are also an example of this.

Highlights of UAE Diwali Fireworks

The main attraction of Diwali is crackers and fireworks. The UAE is also known for its world class fireworks. Be it New Year’s or any private event, UAE’s fireworks are no match. In such a situation, its brightness doubles on Diwali. This year the UAE will witness amazing fireworks, aiming to enter the Guinness World Records. It will start on November 4 at 8:30 pm. The view can be enjoyed aboard the world’s highest observation wheel Ain Dubai which will be a trademark sight of Diwali.

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