India put all resources including army in efforts to tackle Kovid-19: Fauchi – India fauchi put all resources including army in efforts to tackle kovid 19

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India put all resources including army in efforts to tackle Kovid-19: Fauchi – India fauchi put all resources including army in efforts to tackle kovid 19

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Washington, May 4 (PTI) America’s top health expert, Dr. Anthony Fauchi, described the situation in India as “extremely disheartened” by the second wave of Kovid-19 and called on the Government of India to make a temporary field hospital immediately. Advised to use all resources including military forces.

He also appealed to other countries to provide not only material but also personnel to help India.

Excerpts from the interview given by Dr. Fauchi to the Washington-based ‘PTI’ correspondent are as follows:

Question: What is your assessment of the situation in India at this time?

Fauchi: It is clear that the situation in India is very serious. I mean to say that there is a very high rate of infection. When people are getting infected in such large numbers, not enough care is being taken for everyone, there is a shortage of beds, oxygen and other medical items in hospitals, then it becomes a very frustrating situation. In view of this, we feel that the whole world should help in every possible way. India itself can take steps that can be dealt with in this very unpredictable situation.

Question: So, now there are two questions. The first is how the world can help India at this time and the second question is what should India do to deal with this situation on a war footing?

Fauchi: I think other countries in the world can help India by providing materials and personnel, but they must provide the materials that India needs to deal with this situation, such as the US 1,000 oxygen cylinders. Is providing oxygen with an initial supply of. It is also providing oxygen concentrators and oxygen producing units.

The US is also providing private security equipment to India. It is also supplying to India the things it needs to produce vaccines on its own. The US is also sending quick check kits. We are sending millions of these materials. We are also sending Remedesivir medicine. In addition, we are working closely with our CDC experts and experts from India in the field of epidemiological surveillance for vaccination. There is also a state of emergency in other countries at this time. India is currently under extreme pressure due to infection, so other countries of the world should help it like America. I forgot the second question.

Q: What steps should India take to deal with it?

Fauchi: Yes, you know that I mentioned it a few days ago in a conversation with another institution, so I am repeating it for you. I mean some things can be done immediately. Some steps can be taken for the medium term and some for the long term. First of all, they should start vaccinating more and more people, whether they are vaccines developed by them or vaccines purchased from other suppliers like Russia and America. India should take vaccines from whichever country or company is willing to supply the vaccines. He should get all vaccinated.

This will not eliminate the current problem (by vaccination). This will help us stop the problem in several weeks, so it is a step to take in the medium and long term, but the immediate steps that you have to take at this time, I know that India is already taking it, so I I am not telling you something that you have not been doing for a few days.

Lockdown has been implemented in some parts of India. I recommend that you implement lockdown in the country. China did this last year, Australia did it when the infection spread, New Zealand did it, many other countries implemented full lockdown for a limited period. You do not need a six-month lockdown. You can apply lockdown for a few weeks. It is clear from experiences of implementing lockdowns in other countries that lockdowns reduce the rate of infection and break down the infection. This is the first thing.

The second thing is that you will remember, when China had a serious problem last year, it was spending its resources to build new hospitals very fast, so that it can provide the hospital to all those who need to be admitted. Needed. Although I have never seen this myself going to India, but according to recent media reports, there is a severe shortage of hospital beds and people are being looked after in temporary arrangements. India should build field hospitals with the help of its army in the same way as are built during the war, so that those who are sick and who need to be admitted to the hospital can get beds. I would recommend some of these things.

Q: Do you want to say something more about India or to create awareness among Indians?

Fauchi: No, I think it is important to have solidarity there, solidarity among the people of the rest of the world, especially in America. We have very close relations with India. I feel very sad that India is going through this very difficult time.

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