India China Latest News: China national highway 580 connecting Hotan to Aksai Chin, Tension for India in Ladakh

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India China Latest News: China national highway 580 connecting Hotan to Aksai Chin, Tension for India in Ladakh


  • China has completed most of the construction work of the new national highway in Aksai Chin
  • With the construction of this highway, China’s access to Ladakh will be strengthened.
  • China can accelerate the deployment and movement of the army, India’s tension will increase

China has accelerated the construction of infrastructure in Aksai Chin amid the ongoing tension in Ladakh. Recently, a US intelligence report claimed that China has built a network of roads, bridges, tunnels and bunkers in the border area adjacent to India. Now satellite imagery has revealed that China is building a new national highway in illegally occupied Aksai Chin. This highway connects Hotan with Aksai Chin located in Xinjiang province of China. There is also a Chinese Air Force base in Hotan. China monitors India’s airspace in Ladakh from here.

China’s Pole Revealed by Satellite Images
Open source intelligence @detresfa_ has shared satellite images that China has completed the construction of National Highway 580 connecting Aksai Chin to Hotan. The operation of National Highway 580 is likely to start in 2022. This highway has significantly reduced the travel time and distance of the Chinese Army to the LAC. This will give them better connectivity and rotation. Road construction machinery, tunnels, solar panels and houses of construction workers are visible in this satellite image.

China’s construction is also mentioned in the US report
The US Defense Department Pentagon has said in its recent report that China has built a village of 100 civilians in the disputed area between its Tibet Autonomous Region and India’s Arunachal Pradesh in the eastern region of the LAC. In its report on military and security developments involving China, the US Department of Defense has said that China continues to take increasingly more tactful actions to press for its claim along the LAC, while it seeks to reduce tensions along the border. It is also holding diplomatic and military level talks with India. Sometime in 2020, China has built a large civilian village with 100 houses on disputed land between its Tibet Autonomous Region and India’s Arunachal Pradesh state in the eastern region of the LAC.

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China became aggressive after Jinping’s visit to Tibet
Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Tibet in July. China then said that his visit was organized to connect the rest of China with Buddhism and preserve Buddhist culture. In fact, in the name of infrastructure development in Tibet, China is going to establish three new airports on the Indian border. The project was approved by Jinping in the middle of his visit to Tibet.

Expose the ‘real purpose’ of Xi Jinping’s visit to Tibet, China to build 3 new airbases on India border
In which areas China is building new airports
The three new areas in which China is going to build an airport in Tibet are Lunze County, Tingri County and Burang County. The great thing is that China is going to start the airport being built in these areas by the end of 2025. China will design these airports keeping in mind the military interests. Apart from commercial flights, Chinese Air Force fighter aircraft, Avox aircraft, aerial refueler aircraft will be stationed here. In addition, China is going to develop Gonggar Airport in Lhasa as the largest airport in the region.

China is deploying military aircraft on artificial islands of the South China Sea, satellite photos reveal
China is also increasing the rail network in Tibet
The Global Times reported that China is rapidly developing a transportation system in the Tibet Autonomous Region, from airports to high-speed rail. China claims that the economic development of Tibet will not only bring prosperity to the lives of the people of the region, but will also open the way for progress for Nepal involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. China has also commissioned the 435-km Lhasa-Nyingchi rail network near the Arunachal Pradesh border. The average speed of trains running on this track is up to 160 kmph.

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Where is the Chinese Air Force near Ladakh, see the position of the dragon
Jinping adopted an aggressive policy in Tibet
China has significantly increased investment in Tibet’s infrastructure since Xi Jinping took office. China has started 130 new air routes in Tibet with a population of about 3.5 million. China claims that 61 small and big cities of Tibet are now connected by air network. Qian Feng, director of the research department at the National Strategy Institute at Tsinghua University, claimed that China’s investment in the transportation sector in Tibet would also increase connectivity with Nepal.

China is building a new highway in Aksai Chin, India's tension may increase

China is building a new highway in Aksai Chin

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