In Peru there are more than six million users of digital banking, affirms the BCP | News

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In Peru there are more than six million users of digital banking, affirms the BCP | News

More than six million Peruvians are users of digital banking, with mobile applications and internet banking being the ones with the highest demand, reported today in Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP).

He explained that this scenario was energized with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, where about 89% were forced to go digital to carry out transactions or access products during the state of emergency.

“Over the last few months there has been a great change in consumer behavior, which accelerated with the pandemic, restrictive measures and social distancing. Today we see a more digital user, ”explained its deputy general manager for people and small businesses, Francesca Raffo.

Window operations

He specified that 12% of those with banking services carry out their transactions over the counter, compared to 69% who do so through mobile applications and 56% opt for mobile wallets such as Yape.

Raffo commented that the trend towards digitization has been increasing, as customer needs demand interaction no longer in person but digitally.

“In the case of BCP, its application (Banca Móvil BCP) is used frequently by 58% of Peruvians, positioning itself as the most used app in the country after WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram”, he highlighted.

Mobile wallets

On the other hand, he commented that more than 27 million transactions are carried out per month through this digital wallet, 68% of which are made by small businesses.

“At BCP we constantly adapt our value proposition. The client can access multiple service channels according to what is required at the time. We are adjusting this proposal month by month in line with their needs and preferences ”, he said.

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In that sense, he said that they have just launched in 100% of their agencies, the option of scheduling an appointment to be attended on the platform through VíaBCP (, thus reducing the times waiting and providing flexibility to choose the agency, date, time and even advisor.

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Posted on: 11/3/2021

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