Imran Khan: Pakistan PM Imran Khan visits ISI headquarters

Imran Khan: Pakistan PM Imran Khan visits ISI headquarters

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan looks terrified after the blast near the home of international terrorist Hafiz Saeed. This is the reason that on the day of the blast i.e. on Wednesday evening, Imran Khan ran away and reached the headquarters of the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. Apart from PM Imran, ISI chief Lt Gen Faiz Hamid, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, Information and Broadcasting Minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain, Chief of Intelligence Bureau and Federal Investigation Agency attended this high-level meeting.

Blast near Hafiz’s house Intelligence failure?
Many experts believe that Imran Khan is upset with the blast near Hafiz Saeed’s house in Lahore. He called it a failure of intelligence. This is the reason why he reached the ISI headquarters in Islamabad on the evening of the blast to take the class of the chief of the agencies. In this meeting, the internal and external threats to Pakistan were discussed. Imran Khan took an extensive briefing from all intelligence agencies.

Imran had come to take the class of intelligence officers!
During this meeting, emphasis was laid on increasing intelligence cooperation among all the agencies involved in the recently formed National Intelligence Coordination Committee. The Pakistani Prime Minister’s Office said that Imran Khan appreciated the efforts of the agencies and expressed satisfaction over the performance of the National Intelligence Coordination Committee. Pakistan had set up the National Intelligence Coordination Committee on 22 January this year.

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Was there a plan to blow up Hafiz’s house with 30 kg explosives?
According to Lahore Police, about 30 kg of explosives were used in the horrific explosion near Hafiz Saeed’s house. Not only this, ‘goods made abroad’ were also used in this. Due to the explosion, a three-feet deep and eight-feet wide crater was formed at the spot. An area of ​​100 square feet was destroyed by this blast. In this blast, the glass of Hafiz Saeed’s house was broken and the walls were also badly damaged.

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The windows of Hafiz’s house were broken
According to Pakistani newspaper Dawn, the glass of Hafiz Saeed’s house was broken in this horrific explosion and the walls have also suffered a lot. Initial investigation revealed that 30 kg of explosives was kept inside a car and was parked outside Hafiz Saeed’s house. After this the car was blown up with the remote control. According to Pakistani TV channel Geo, the Lahore Police continued to hide that Hafiz Saeed’s house was targeted and attacked.

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