Immunized families welcome baby vaccine with relief

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Immunized families welcome baby vaccine with relief

The organization recently ran a vaccine clinic in heavily populated Polish and Latino communities, where some felt hesitant to vaccinate their children. MariCarmen Zavala brought her 8-year-old son, Louis Perez.

“It’s really important for me to get him vaccinated so that my son is able to do the activities he loves to do,” she said. “My two sisters-in-law do not want to vaccinate their children on the basis of misinformation they have heard. So he will help protect those who are not.”

In Ely, Minn., Michelle Greiner’s two children, Sophie, 10, and Liv, 11, share a rare disease — Ehlers-Danlos syndrome — with her husband, and she adopted the girl’s mother when she was 16. Tha, the family babysitter, died in 2019. That child, Emma, ​​is severely disabled and at very high risk for complications from COVID.

Ms. Greiner, 38, looks after all three while her husband attends his construction work. First he was vaccinated, and the outside world largely belonged to him only. Then, a shot for her husband: one more worry less. Then came Emma, ​​who had emergency surgery during the pandemic. Ms Greiner lived with them in the Twin Cities, and had limited contact with young children, who were too young to be vaccinated at the time.

“I drove two hours to Duluth on the day they approved vaccines for those 12 and over,” said Ms Greiner, whose home is so far away that she would spend the night staring at the northern lights. Is. “I cried all the way and cried all the way.” A child had reacted poorly to another vaccine in the past.

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Ms Greiner said of Liv: “It was very emotional, a little stressful not knowing how my younger daughter would handle it.” “I eat and breathe medical, that’s all I’ve done — I just think about how I’m going to keep these kids alive. Now we’ve done everything we can to keep Emma alive.” Right now I am only dependent on the rest of the world.”

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