Immunity diet: From boosting immunity to constipation, Kareena Kapoor’s dietician explained the benefits of jackfruit seeds – jackfruit seeds to boost your immunity and know amazing health benefits of kathal seeds

Immunity diet: From boosting immunity to constipation, Kareena Kapoor’s dietician explained the benefits of jackfruit seeds – jackfruit seeds to boost your immunity and know amazing health benefits of kathal seeds

Everyone is trying to repair their immune system these days to avoid the second wave of corona virus. Some people are consuming immunity-boosting fruits and healthy drinks in their diet, while many people are increasing immunity through home remedies. As you know, our body is born with a natural immune response, which is often called innate immunity. It is through the immune system that we are able to fight against all kinds of harmful bacteria and viruses.

In Corona, we and you have not only recognized the power of the immune system present in the body, but have also become well aware of its importance. So we have to make it strong in every situation. The well-known nutritionist of the country has also suggested to the people that now we should adopt our traditional diet in the lifestyle. The famous nutritionist recently shared a post on jackfruit seeds, in which he explained how people used to eat such healthy foods in the old times, which made immunity better.
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Understanding immunity in the affair of foreign food items

Well, we can consume many types of foods to make the immune system strong. Such as nuts, fruit and green vegetables and some healthy drinks. Celebrity dietician and nutritionist Rujuta Divekar says that in the last 2 decades, we have not paid much attention to our diet.

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Many people now spend their time watching exotic food items and baking videos instead of cooking healthy seasonal foods. By doing this, somewhere we are compromising with our health and weakening of the immune system is also one of them.

We have forgotten many such foods which were related to our immunity. In true sense, we also need to be aware of our traditional food items which are healthy for us in many ways.

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Kovid’s battle can be won only by traditional food

Nutritionists say that the good thing is that now this process can be changed. During the Corona period, we should once again connect with our roots i.e. emphasize on making traditional food part of our lifestyle. He said that some people may find this journey challenging, but it will be beneficial for health. Because in this way we will be able to strengthen our innate immunity.

Of course, when you adopt your simple diet in your daily routine, you also see benefits in health. In a recent post, Diwekar has mentioned some old food items through which we can strengthen our immune system.

Rujuta said, we should resume our lost food items in our catering routine. Going one step further in this journey, the first thing to do is to bring back the missing foods from your catering.

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Nutritionist told jackfruit seed a panacea for immunity

jackfruit seeds

Rujuta has introduced people to a special traditional food that increases immunity. She wrote on her social page, I am telling you about a food which is known as Athala or Jackfruit Seeds.

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They can also be cooked as a vegetable or curry and eaten with rice. You can roast them or cook them in steam and add salt and pepper together and eat them as a tasty snack.

Jackfruit nutrients

Jackfruit seeds contain significant amounts of potassium, protein, iron and calcium. 3.5 ounces contains 7 grams of protein, 38 grams of carbohydrates, 1.5 grams of fiber. This is 6 percent in terms of a person’s intake. Apart from this, there are also rich sources of zinc, vitamins and fiber in jackfruit seeds. These not only bring newness to your food, but the intake of them also increases the strength of your tissues.

Benefits of jackfruit seeds

Jackfruit seeds are not only effective for increasing immunity, but apart from this, it also has many health benefits.

  • The flavanoid element present in jackfruit seeds can also reduce cholesterol. According to a scientific study, it can be helpful in increasing HDL i.e. good cholesterol by reducing bad cholesterol (LDL).
  • The benefits of eating jackfruit seeds can also be helpful in the problem of anemia caused due to iron deficiency.
  • Jackfruit seeds are also beneficial for the skin. They are rich in vitamins such as thiamine and riboflavin. Both these vitamins are considered essential for the skin. Based on this research, it has been said that the benefits of jackfruit seeds include making the skin healthy.
  • According to research, the fiber present in jackfruit seeds can be helpful in improving our digestive system.
  • The problem of cancer can also be prevented by the consumption of jackfruit seeds.
  • Its use also relieves the problem of diarrhea.

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