I’m sorry, but I’m not a bad person! Mandar Devasthali presented his position

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I’m sorry, but I’m not a bad person! Mandar Devasthali presented his position

Mumbai: Over the last few days, many Marathi artists have been talking about their honorarium on social media. This includes artists like Shashank Ketkar, Sharmishtha Raut, Sangram Samel. Mandar Devasthali, an experienced big producer in Marathi TV, is angry about all this. Sharmishtha also mentions it in his post.

Shashank Ketkar posted a few days ago that he was tired of honorarium. After that, Sangram Samel, Sharmishtha Raut of Man He Baware also tagged Mrinal Dusnis and posted on social media.

Actor Sangram Samel’s post is like this ..

Hello! We artists are always working hard to get the best out of you. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. But not getting the money on time, right?

Sometimes it happens that we do our work (shooting) very honestly. All the technicians and artists are working tirelessly by adjusting the time, situation, family, things not available from the production house, mismanagement of the house, thinking that our project is our baby and production house is our home. Despite the channel’s excellent support, some producers do not pay for the work properly. There are many reasons for this. We are working under the principle that if the producer lives, the artist lives. Is it right for artists and technologists to get money from the channel from time to time but not from the creator?

Is it wrong to bring your costume from home and help in not wasting the shooting time when the producer has no bank or sometimes the producer doesn’t have a costume? Is it right to keep begging for money for your hard work? Sharmishtha Raut also wrote a post in the name of producer Mandar Devasthali. After that, however, the discussion came to a head. Mandar Devasthali is a big name in entertainment.

While the talk of running out of money has been going on for two days now, producer Mandar Devasthali has put his side on Instagram. I have no intention of drowning my money. Only now my financial situation is dire. I’m not a bad person. I am trying to find a way out of this. I can’t afford to pay now but by God’s grace this situation will change. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Mandar’s Wadalwat, Honaar Soon Mein Hya Gharchi, Kimayagar, Bokya Satbande, Man He Baware etc. He has also produced a National Award winning film Raw Lime.

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