illegal conversion racket in up: 3 associates of maulana kalim siddiqui arrested for running illegal conversion racket for 17 years

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illegal conversion racket in up: 3 associates of maulana kalim siddiqui arrested for running illegal conversion racket for 17 years

After the arrest of Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui in the illegal conversion racket case in UP, many revelations are happening. ADG LO Prashant Kumar told that Maulana Siddiqui told that when he informs foreign colleagues after converting people, they give a lot of money to keep them in Islam as well as to get people converted. Kaleem told that wherever he goes in Fulat and other areas, Hafiz Idris, Mohd. Salim and Kunal Ashok Choudhary aka Atif also go. UP ATS has also arrested these three on charges of illegal conversion. Idris and Salim are residents of Muzaffarnagar and Atif from Nashik.

According to ATS, Mr. Salim and Idris Qureshi have been doing illegal conversions along with Kaleem Siddiqui for almost 17 years. Whereas Maulana Kaleem has associated with him for two years by luring Kunal Chaudhary alias Atif (Doctor) to pass the MCI examination. According to ATS, Kunal has studied medicine in Russia. He had converted his religion during his studies. When he returned to India, he could not clear the MCI examination required for medical practice. Even after this, he runs medical clinics illegally in Nashik. He used to incite the patients coming to his place to convert to religion.

1.5 crores came from Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait
According to the ATS, the facts of depositing more than 20 crores from different accounts in different accounts of Jamiat Imam Waliullah Trust, run by Kalim Siddiqui, have been found. About one and a half crore rupees have come from the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait in the bank accounts of this trust, out of which the evidence of sending a large amount by Kalim Siddiqui to people engaged in conversion (dai) with him has been found. Idris Qureshi works to raise funds for the Jamiatul Imam Waliullah Al Islamia Madrasa, run by Maulana Kalim’s Trust. This madrasa is used as a center for illegal conversions. According to the ATS, the activities of Tarbiat, an important stage of conversion, are carried out here.

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60 lakh house, 2.5 lakh bike
According to the ATS, Idris has built a residential house worth 60 lakhs in Muzaffarnagar within three months. He has also taken a bike which costs around 2.5 lakh rupees. When asked about his source of income, he could not tell anything. The ATS has come to know about the presence of more properties of Kaleem Siddiqui and Idris Qureshi in New Delhi and Muzaffarnagar.

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