icelandia continent: Secret continent under iceland

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icelandia continent: Secret continent under iceland

Some time ago, cartographers of National Geographic considered the Southern Ocean to be the fifth ocean in the world. Now an international team of geologists claims to have discovered a new and hitherto hidden continent. Researchers believe that a continent is submerged under Iceland, which has been named ‘Icelandia’.

This research is important because till now it is believed that the great continent Pangaea broke up 50 million years ago. The results of the new study will prove that it was not completely broken. This continent is believed to extend from Greenland to Europe.

How big is this ‘continent’?
The study team, led by Jillian Fowler, Professor of Geophysics in the Department of Earth Sciences at Durham University, UK, believes that this continent could be 600,000 km square. If the western part of Britain is added to this, then it can go up to 1 million km square.

The report challenges many of the theories currently being held to explain the process from ocean and continental crust in the North Atlantic region to the formation of Iceland. Apart from this, discussions can also start regarding the sources of minerals and hydrocarbons which are found in the crust of the continent.

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The theory does not match the data
Professor Jillian says, ‘There have been many puzzles about Iceland so far because there has been no geological data about the theories about it. The crust beneath Iceland is 40 km, which is seven times more than the average oceanic crust. The reason for this could not be understood.

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He says that this observation fits with the data when this crust is considered to be of a continent, not an ocean. This indicates that there is a hidden continent beneath it. Because of this, not only the discovery of Iceland, but the understanding of the world’s geology gets an interesting direction.

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Is Icelandic Real?

Is Icelandic Real?

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