humans in space: your ‘blood and sweat’ house on Mars

humans in space: your ‘blood and sweat’ house on Mars

Many, including Elon Musk, have a dream of settling humans on Mars. But have you ever wondered where humans will live on Mars and how those houses will be built. Building houses on the Red Planet may now be easier as scientists have developed a concrete-like material with the help of an amazing technology that can withstand even the extreme conditions of space. This discovery is especially good news for astronauts who have spent many years searching and researching life in space because this concrete can only be manufactured by their ‘blood and sweat’.

Blood plasma aids in cement manufacturing
Carrying even a single brick to build on Mars can prove to be very costly. It is estimated to cost around US$ 2 million. Therefore, in the coming times, people living on Mars cannot take building materials to another planet. For this we have to use such resources from which the site of construction can be obtained. Scientists at the University of Manchester claim that a common protein in blood plasma (human serum albumin) could help mix certain types of dust to produce concrete to be used on the Moon or Mars.

Sweat will increase the strength of concrete
The new material is being known as AstroCrete, according to an article published in the journal Materials Today Bio. Its compressive strength is 25 MPa (Megapascal). The same capacity is observed in ordinary concrete of about 20-32 MPa. However, scientists found that adding urea could increase its compressive strength by more than 300%. Urea is a biological waste found in urine, sweat and tears.

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More than 500 kg of concrete will be made in two years
Dr Aled Roberts, of the university who worked on the project, said the new technology could open the way for many other proposed construction techniques on the Moon and Mars. He said scientists are exploring techniques to produce concrete on the surface of Mars, but the answer lies within us. The team estimates that more than 500 kg of concrete could be produced during a two-year mission to the surface of Mars by a crew of six astronauts.

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