Huma Qureshi Maharani web show: Huma Qureshi Talks about her role in Maharani web Show says Me becoming Chief Minister will be a nightmare – ‘Maharani’ Huma Qureshi spoke-

Huma Qureshi Maharani web show: Huma Qureshi Talks about her role in Maharani web Show says Me becoming Chief Minister will be a nightmare – ‘Maharani’ Huma Qureshi spoke-

Actress Huma Qureshi is garnering applause in both personal and professional life these days. Huma is doing a good job of building a 100-bed hospital in the Kovid epidemic. Meanwhile, the zombie movie ‘Army of the Dead’ (Army Of The Dead) is knocking in Hollywood as well as its web series ‘Maharani’ (Maharani) is also in the discussion. Huma’s role in ‘Maharani’ is also believed to be inspired by the life of former Bihar Chief Minister Rabri Devi. Huma on this and many other issues Navbharat Times Special conversation with. When Huma was asked what she would like to say about the current politics of the country and what it would be like if she ever became the Chief Minister, Huma replied, “I do not understand politics at all. I remain silent on this, because I am really foolish in this matter. If I really become CM one day, I will fall asleep thinking it is a nightmare. ‘

Maharani’s typical Bihari Rani Bharti is completely different from you. What do you have to save to live this character?
The Queen is one of the most difficult and challenging roles of my life. We had to work on everything from bidding to manipulation. Bihari accent I had spoken in Gangs of Wassepur, so it didn’t bother me much. Accent I also learn very quickly, but the style of wearing the sari of the queen, Bindi, Sindoor, Bichia, Mangalsutra, living in these signs of Suhagan all the time, it was all very different. I had to play a completely 180 degree different character from Huma, so it was challenging, but I also had a lot of fun. This is a very satisfying character. It didn’t feel like anything was left.

You have also recently stepped into Hollywood with the movie ‘Army of the Dead’. How different or special was the experience of working there?
Enjoyed I got to learn a lot by working in a different industry. I made my Bollywood debut with the multi-character film Gangs of Wassepur, which was a very unconventional debut. My Hollywood debut was the same. I would like to continue to make films there and represent my country. It feels good when you go to another country and work there as an Indian artist. They have questions, about your work, about your country, so I also got good exposure and those people also got to know a lot about Hindustan.

What questions do they have about Hindustan?
About our movies, our living conditions, our food. Everyone there had to come to India. Everyone had to work in Hindi films. One day everyone said that we have to eat Indian food. We were shooting in Mexico. There was no Indian restaurant, but we got an Indian store, so we bought a pressure cooker, chilli masala, garam masala and made dal, chicken, pulao for everyone. They were very happy, so I love it when people compliment our food and movies. Once I was going in a cab with my friend Nora, who is in the role of Lily in the film, the driver was Indian. They were shocked to see me. He pulled out his phone and started playing my movie song, so Nora was stunned if they knew you. I said yes, we Indian actors are lucky, that we have access to every country.

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You are also doing a good job of building a 100-bed hospital by joining ‘Save the Children’ in the Corona epidemic. How did this connection happen? What is the goal and where have you reached?
I have been associated with Save the Children for a long time. They work great for child rights. When Kovid’s affair started, I was very sad. Seeing everything on TV made my heart very bad, so I thought something should be done, so I talked to them. We thought of starting with a 100 bed hospital on a small scale. This problem is all over the country. Where we go, what to do, I myself am trying to understand what can be done better. Right now we thought let’s start with 100 beds. We have seen the place in Tilaknagar Delhi. Many partners, donors, organizations, government people have supported us the most. This is entirely the own effort of the common people. I may have started, but a lot of people are involved and more people should be involved, so that we can help the health workers.

In Maharani you are in the role of CM. What is your opinion on current politics? If you really want to become a CM, what would you like to do first?
I am an actor. I have no understanding of politics. I remain silent on this, because I am really foolish in this matter. I’m just talking about humans. Talk about humanity. That too, when I am asked, otherwise I keep my point to myself. If one day I really became the CM, I would consider it a nightmare and go back to sleep (laughs).

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You have also written the story of a female superhero, on whom Hollywood wants to make a film. How did this idea come about? And what is the reason for making it in Hollywood instead of Bollywood?
First of all I’m so glad you know about it. In fact, as an actor we always resort to the words of others and reflect their thinking. I had a story when the world was shut down in lockdown. That’s what I wrote. Inshallah, when the time comes, we will also release and publish the film. This is the story of a brown superhero girl. I will not say much about it. The reason for pitching in the US is that I think we should talk about love, peace, tranquility in the way the world is going right now. Talk about the similarities between different cultures, the world will be a good place. Respect for this diversity is very important at the international level. Then, when you see that an Indian character is in an international film, he is being shown well, you also feel proud.

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