hrithik roshan mother workout: Hrithik Roshan’s 66-year-old mother will fade in front of Shilpa- Malaika’s workout, learn fitness tips from Pinky

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hrithik roshan mother workout: Hrithik Roshan’s 66-year-old mother will fade in front of Shilpa- Malaika’s workout, learn fitness tips from Pinky

You all know about Hrithik Roshan’s macho body and tremendous stunts. The actor is popular among people not only for his acting but also for his toned body. You must have seen a lot of Hrithik’s action on screen, but do you know that his mother is also no less in this matter.

Yes, very few people know that Hrithik’s mother Pinky Roshan is also very daring like her son. Rakesh Roshan’s wife keeps sharing her workout videos on social accounts every day. Sometimes the son is seen doing exercises. Pinky, 66, is very active and due to her tough workouts, she has also become an inspiration for all of us.

You too can be fit by following these fitness tips of Pink

Pinky Roshan specializes in doing all kinds of workouts

Be it planks or any type of yoga exercise, swimming or boxing, Pinky Roshan specializes in every posture. Even though Pinky is not included in acting, but her standard is not less than anyone. Pinky has also hired different coaches for her workout training. In the video you can see that she does any exercise with great ease under the guidance of the coach.

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pinky roshan water sports

Hrithik himself praises seeing the enthusiasm of his mother

Everyone is surprised to see the courage of 66-year-old Pinky. Apart from gym and weight lifting, Pinky Roshan has shared videos of water stunts on social media. Many people are also taking inspiration through Pinky Roshan’s push-ups and they are also including fitness in their routine.

Hrithik himself is also convinced of his mother’s enthusiasm. On Pinky’s post, Hrithik wrote, “Hey! HRX should sign her while watching her video says Wah.

Hrithik Roshan’s mother’s tough plans

You can take fitness inspiration from Pinky

Pinky Roshan not only exercises in the gym and park, but sometimes she also works out with the help of trees. If you also want to stay fit and keep your stamina always intact, then you can take inspiration by watching Pinky’s videos.

In the lockdown, Pinky has made people aware of fitness through many posts. Through her zeal, she has even beat age and she works out every day. Along with this, she also includes all kinds of new exercises in her routine and appeals to people to stay fit.

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His mother is a champion in the eyes of Hrithik

Actor Hrithik considers his mother a champion of fitness. He also wrote in a caption of Pinky’s weightlifting video, #championoflife #supermom #loveyoumama #truelove. In the video, Pinky is seen lifting weights with the help of a trainer.

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