How Zelensky united Ukrainians and the world against Putin

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How Zelensky united Ukrainians and the world against Putin

Before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky was often ridiculed as a comically unlikely politician. But with the help of social media, he has become a leader that Ukraine did not need.

Wearing an army-green T-shirt or fleece, unshaven and van, Mr. Zelensky inspires Ukrainians to fight for their country – and Europeans to see Ukraine in a different light, of freedom, freedom and independence. He was seen as the victim of an attack fighting bravely. Democracy.

Mr. Zelensky’s decision to stay in the capital, Kiev, while it is under Russian attack – and his family’s decision to stay in Ukraine – have moved many people, especially in contrast to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who is a member of the Taliban. As soon as he had fled from Kabul. were on the outskirts, demoralizing the remainder of the Afghan army.

He and his team have also made excellent use of social media, with passionate speeches going viral on the streets of Kiev. Ordinary Ukrainians are reporting on TikTok on what is happening in Ukraine, and some are making videos praising Mr. Zelensky and doing what Ukrainians can do to push the Russians back – for Molotov cocktails. Filling bottles, volunteering to fight, is being issued with automatic weapons and pledged to defend his country.

But Mr. Zelensky has urged European leaders to do more for Ukraine. Appearing onscreen during an emergency summit meeting of EU leaders on February 24, three days ago, he delivered an impassioned 10-minute speech that prompted some reluctant leaders to slam the harsh package of economic sanctions on Russia, a senior European official said. inspired to support.

His intervention will be part of history, said the officer, who was in the room. It was very emotional, had a deep impact on the leaders.

The silence in the room was impressive and the effect was clear, the official said, and it was his belief that it made a big difference in persuading more reluctant countries such as Germany, Italy and Hungary to impose tougher financial and banking sanctions. Delivery of defensive weapons to Ukraine.

“This may be the last time you see me alive,” said Mr. Zelensky.

Mr. Zelensky’s actions and the tough resistance efforts of ordinary Ukrainian men and women – slowing the Russian advance and volunteering to fight with automatic weapons – have also had a significant impact on European opinion, European officials say, leading to a stalemate of their leaders. It has become easier. Be courageous to accept refugees from Ukraine more freely.

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