How to get 1m Views on YouTube Videos? Free Way to Increase Youtube Video Views.? Free Way to Increase Youtube Video Views.

how to get 1m views on youtube videos
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How to get 1m Views on YouTube Videos?

How to get 1m Views in YouTube Videos? Free Way to Increase Youtube Video Views.

In this article you will learn how to get views in our youtube videos how to increase views on youtube after reading this topic you will be able to easily bring views to youtube videos

Hello friends, how are you all, hope all is well. Today I have brought such a topic for you, whose name is how to increase views on youtube, if you have a YouTube channel and you put videos in it, then this topic will be beneficial for you. But I am going to tell you about how to increase views, how do we increase youtube more views.

You must have seen that most of the views in the video come from those who are more popular when they put the video, at the same time their views are 1k, 2k, 1m. goes till You must be thinking too. After all, it happens to them like this, it can never happen to us. Many messages were coming to me that we have Youtube channel, we make good videos but then B views do not come. Why does this happen after all?

Will we also be able to become famous in Youtube like others. Or else youtbe will have to go to another place considering it as a nightmare.

Today I am writing this topic to remove these questions. If you do this, then you can also become famous in Youtube, you can earn a lot of money from Youtube. Because all of you know that we can earn money in youtube as well, which has no limit, we can earn as much money as we want.

So let me start how do we get more views in our videos in youtube.

increase views on youtube

Increase Views On YouTube

How to get more views on YouTube.

First of all you should have a channel in YouTube.

We should have a contact.

Like I told that you should have a channel in YouTube. But this does not mean that just open YouTube and make any name channel. The channel name should be such that it should be unique. And he said that no one should be in trouble. Meaning it should not be too long.

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To know from this, the second told that you should have a content. That means you should have something like this. About which we want to tell people that this is our channel, we will get all this through this channel. For example, if you have to go to your shop to get a mobile, then you can get it only in a mobile shop, it cannot be found in any other shop, in this, assume a mobile Bali shop, there is a channel and the content of that shop is mobile. So that people know. Mobiles are available in that shop. In the same way, you should also have a content.

Share your channel on social media to increase views on youtube

As friends, today all the people all over the world know about social media, so share your channel on social media. This can also make you more famous. So you share your videos on social media like – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. Share your new videos with people on them, if they like your videos then your views will increase. And with this your videos can also go viral.

how to get 1m views on youtube videos

How to get 1m Views on YouTube Videos

Be sure to reply to the comments of your viewers.

Never leave this job. You must reply to the comments of your viewers, do not ignore them. And if they have asked you some questions, then definitely answer them. If you do not have the answer to their question, then you can take help from your friends, if still not found, then you can also find the answer to their question from google, if still you do not get it, you can also reply by saying sorry to them. because it help views on youtube.

How to make video in youtube.

If you can create a blog for YouTube channel, then make a very good and clear blog. And you can also earn money by placing google ads in your blog.

Make sure to use tags in your videos to increase views on youtube

If you do not use the tag in your video, then your video will not appear in more keywords. That’s why you must use tags. And the tag should be related to your video. If not, then there may be a YouTube community strike. Do not fill the tags too much.

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Popular youtube tags list

You use # with the tag, otherwise the tag will not be counted in YouTube. You can see the list below, how tags are written.

#youtube, #sub, #youtubers, #youtubechannel, #youtuber, #youtubevideo, #like, #instagram.

These are some tags, they are written in such a way that you must use these tags but you should not copy it, this is just for example, you keyword dunde.

Created my channel and put a video in it, now comes the matter. of views.

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You can share your video on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter. You can get more views from Facebook.

Upload title and description for increasing views on youtube video

Friends description is called description so if you want to increase more views in your video then upload youtube video title and description. Must write youtube video upload title and description. You write something in your video on which topic your video has been made. In the decryption, you also have to write that if people will watch your video, then what will they get to learn from this video and also use keywords according to your video in your description so that your video will appear in the search result and also a part of your video.

Write a good title too. And keep in mind that you do not use too many unnecessary keywords in the description because it is considered a violation of YouTube policy. So write your description short. If the title and description of your video is well written, then your video will help in the ranking of YouTube. And also your video will get the first page ranking in Google as well.

Make videos on trending topics.

Friends, if you are uploading videos in YouTube and good views are not coming, then I will tell you such a way. Using which the views of your video will also come and the subscribers will also increase along with it. You put the video in a topic that is going on in trading, you make a video on the same topic and because most people do the search thing. Now it comes to how to know what is going on in trading today. So you can use social media for this or you can also use google website.

Your Opinion

Friends, this topic was how to get 1m views in YouTube videos? How to increase views on youtube. I hope that I have given you all the information about this, if there is still some information left in it, then you can comment me, I will try to reply to your comment, if you want to know anything, then you can ask me by commenting. I can do my best to write about it.

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