How exercise affects your appetite

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How exercise affects your appetite

Before, during, and for three hours afterward, the researchers drew blood to check for changes in hormones related to hunger and asked people how hungry they were. They let everyone help themselves to an open buffet lunch of poundcakes with lasagna, salad, rolls, soda and strawberries, while unobtrusively monitoring how much people ate.

The researchers then compared hormones, hunger and actual eating and found the strange disconnect. In general, after each exercise session people’s hormones shift in a way that might be expected to reduce their appetite. But the study participants did not report feeling less hungry – nor did they report feeling hungry – after their workouts compared to when they were sitting. And at lunch, they ate roughly the same amount, about 950 calories worth of lasagna and other buffet foods, whether they exercised or not.

These results suggest that, at the very least, brisk walking or light weight lifting may not affect our subsequent eating as much as “other factors”, such as the aroma of the lasagna (or butter roll or pie) and Fragrant delight. , said Tanya Holiday, assistant professor of health and kinesiology at the University of Utah, who led the new study. People’s hunger hormones may have dropped a bit after a workout, but those drops didn’t have much effect on how much they ate afterward.

Still, the exercise did burn some calories, she said — about 300 or so each session. This was less than the roughly 1,000 calories that the volunteers consumed on average at lunch, but hundreds more than when they sat down. Over time, this difference can help with weight control, she said.

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Of course, the study has clear limitations. It saw a single session of moderate, brief exercise by two dozen out-of-shape participants. People who exercise regularly, or who do more strenuous workouts, may react differently. Researchers will need to conduct more studies, including studies with more diverse groups and longer durations.

But even now, the extracts have a gentle, apple-pie charm. He suggests that “people shouldn’t be afraid that if they exercise, they will overeat,” Dr. Holiday said. And, she said, “Thanksgiving is just one day” and won’t affect your weight in the long run. So, eat whatever you want at the feast and enjoy. Dr. Holiday also recommends taking a walk with your family and friends or engaging in a turkey trot if you can – not to whet your appetite, but to boost your social bonds and move in together. to be thankful for.

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