Hop Shoots Cultivation worlds costliest vegetable is now under cultivation in Bihar | Hop-Shoots Cultivation

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Hop Shoots Cultivation worlds costliest vegetable is now under cultivation in Bihar | Hop-Shoots Cultivation

Hop-Shoots Cultivation: There is a growing trend among young people in India to pursue progressive farming. Cultivating and exporting fruits, flowers and vegetables are making huge profits for these youngsters. A young man from Bihar has done a similar experiment. He has planted a vegetable called hop shoots, which is known as the most expensive vegetable in the world. The price of one kg of this vegetable is as high as one lakh rupees. This young farmer has earned crores of rupees from the production of this vegetable.

Amares Singh, a resident of Aurangabad, Bihar, has successfully grown a vegetable called Hop Shoot. Initially, it has started production of this vegetable in five guntas with the help of Indian Vegetable Research Center. The benefits of this vegetable are many. This vegetable is used to make active pharma ingredients for antibiotics, medicine for diseases like TB and cancer. Its flowers are called hop cones.

Importantly, this vegetable can be produced throughout the year. But March to June is considered the best period. Too much cold affects the yield of this vegetable. Good taxable land is required for the production of this vegetable.

In Europe, this vegetable has been consumed in beer since the eighth century. The cultivation of this vegetable was first started in Germany. It has since spread to other European countries and now to the rest of the world. Now it can be seen that this agriculture started in India through Bihar. Experts believe that a green revolution can be born in Indian agriculture if Indian farmers are trained in its cultivation and seedlings are made available. This vegetable is in great demand all over the world.

The scientific name of the hop shoot is Humulus lupulus. The highest demand for this vegetable is from America. It is also in great demand in European countries.

Supriya Sahu, an IAS officer, shared the news of this vegetable farming on her social media, saying that this type of farming could be a game changer for Indian farmers.

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