hooch tragedy in bihar: is liquor ban fail in bihar

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hooch tragedy in bihar: is liquor ban fail in bihar

Bihar Hooch Tragedy: Live witness of Nawada Poisonous Liquor case found, but lost his eyesight



Has liquor ban failed in Bihar? Has his own system razed the promises of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar? These questions have not arisen just like this, after the death of 13 people in Bettiah, Muzaffarpur and Gopalganj in 5 months, after the death of 13 people, the Bihar government has been surrounded by these smoldering questions.

Second Poisonous Liquor Case in Bettiah in 5 Months
In July 2021, the first havoc of the year was caused by poisonous liquor in Bettiah. Then 16 people were killed by poisonous liquor in Devarva Devraj village of Lauria police station area. At the same time, PACS chief and former Tellapur chief Mohammad Javed claimed to have a list of 16 people who died. He even shared the names of the dead. read that news here

West Champaran News: After the death of 8 people due to poisonous liquor in Bettiah, the health of many people deteriorated.
4 November 2021- Exactly 5 months after this incident in Bettiah, again many houses were weeded by poisonous liquor. According to the people of the village, on the evening of November 3, 8 people of ward number 2,3,4 of Telhua Panchayat of Nautan police station drank alcohol in a locality of the village itself. After this, everyone’s health started deteriorating from the night itself and they died. Some of them died at home and some died during treatment in the hospital.

West Champaran Hooch Tragedy: Weeds due to ‘poisonous liquor’ in Bettiah, stirred up by the death of 16 people, district administration team reached for investigationPoisonous liquor orgy in Muzaffarpur
On 28 October 2021, poisonous liquor created an orgy in Muzaffarpur. The whole matter came to light when 8 people died. This incident took place in Rupauli and Vishahar Patti villages of Saraiya police station area of ​​Muzaffarpur.
Muzaffarpur News: Two separate cases registered in the case of death due to drinking poisonous liquor, 33 nominated
8 people died due to poisonous liquor in Gopalganj
A day before this, on November 2, poisonous liquor killed 8 people in Gopalganj. However, the cause of death has not been confirmed. This heart-wrenching incident happened in Kushahar village of all four Mohammadpur. Some of these also died at home and some died during treatment in the hospital.
Hooch Tragedy: Free liquor distributed in Bihar Panchayat elections turned out to be poisonous! There was a stir due to the death of four people in Gopalganj
Even four years ago, there was a big scandal in Gopalganj.

Four years ago, a total of 19 people had died in the poisonous liquor scandal in Khajurbani of the Nagar police station of Gopalganj, while 06 people became blind. After this liquor scandal, the city police had made a total of 14 people including the main accused Nagina Pasi, Rupesh Shukla, the main accused of Khajurbani village. One of the accused named in this case had died during the trial itself. In 2021, only 13 named accused survived and the court of Gopalganj ADJ II convicted all the 13 accused in the Khajurbani case.

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82 people died so far this year
Complete prohibition of liquor was implemented in Bihar in April 2016. However, despite the prohibition, so far this year around 82 people have died due to spurious liquor in 15 different incidents. If we look at the case of Bettiah, this is the fifth major case related to spurious liquor in this year. The question is that when liquor prohibition is in force in the state, how is spurious liquor made and drunk under the nose of the police. It goes so far as to say that if the police so desire, no one can steal even a slipper from outside the temple. But what happens to this police in the case of spurious liquor?

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