hole on sun surface: Coronal Holes in the Sun’s Atmosphere NASA News, All you need to know

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hole on sun surface: Coronal Holes in the Sun’s Atmosphere NASA News, All you need to know


  • NASA detects large coronal hole on the surface of the Sun
  • Charged particles emanating from this hole can hit the earth
  • The waves of the Earth’s atmosphere will be affected, the eyes of the scientists

Space weather watchers have warned that a large solar storm could hit Earth due to changes in the Sun’s surface. He said that a hole has been seen on the surface of the Sun i.e. the corona. Charged particles are continuously being showered from this hole. These particles are expected to hit Earth’s atmosphere later this week.

There may be a collision on Saturday-Sunday
NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO) has detected a large “coronal hole” in the Sun’s outer atmosphere, the corona. A stream of charged particles is emanating from this open hole in the southern region of the Sun. These charged particles can hit the Earth’s atmosphere on Saturday or Sunday.

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Run light will be seen in North and South Pole
As Spaceweather reports, this could result in some minor geomagnetic movement in Earth’s magnetosphere. The current moving toward Earth is expected to produce some beautiful aurora effects in the polar regions. Due to this, green light can be seen in the sky of the North and South Poles.

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Space conditions will change rapidly in solar maximum
Bill Murtagh, a program coordinator at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), said that we have seen very little movement in the sun over the past several years. This mostly happens during solar minimum. But, now we are moving fast towards solar maximum. It will be the fastest in the year 2025.

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Solar storm affects more than the sun
He said last week’s solar storms have shown that solar activity can affect more than the Sun. When it reaches Earth, the solar outburst causes a series of events called space weather. Not only does this affect our satellites, but beautiful auroras can also be seen at night in the polar regions.

What did the scientists see in the sun that from now on they started giving warnings of 2025? Said – this alarm of destruction!
When do aurora appear?
Aurora appears when electrically charged solar particles in the Earth’s magnetic field channel move toward the poles. Here these particles interact with the Earth’s atmosphere. This produces a bright green ribbon-like light. When solar flares send such particles in large numbers towards the Earth’s atmosphere, this light is visible in the sky.

What is the effect of a solar storm on Earth?
Due to solar storms, the outer atmosphere of the Earth can be heated, which can have a direct effect on satellites. This can cause interference with GPS navigation, mobile phone signal and satellite TV. The current in power lines can be high, which can also blow transformers. However, this is rarely the case because the Earth’s magnetic field acts as a protective shield against it.
The region of space that is dominated by the Earth’s magnetic field.

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