History and importance of World Sleep Day 2021 health tips

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History and importance of World Sleep Day 2021 health tips

Mumbai: World Sleep Day is celebrated on the third Friday of March every year. This year, March 19 is World Sleep Day. Sleep Day was first celebrated in 2008. The main objective of this day is to make people aware of the relationship between sleep and health.

In today’s fast-paced world, sleep deprivation is the order of the day. This adversely affects their mental and physical health. Doctors recommend that you get at least eight hours of sleep to stay healthy. This year’s theme for World Sleep Day is ‘Regular Sleep, Healthy Future’. Learn about the history of this day!

Why is World Sleep Day celebrated?

The World Sleep Society organizes a number of events on the occasion of World Sleep Day. Not getting enough sleep can lead to many illnesses. Unknowingly, this sleep deprivation affects our body. To prevent this, the World Sleep Society started celebrating ‘World Sleep Day’. Today, World Sleep Day is celebrated in more than 88 countries around the world. This day was first celebrated in the year. Adequate sleep is essential for staying healthy, this is an effort to reach out to people, to make everyone aware of the importance of sleep!

What is the significance of World Sleep Day?

In today’s fast-paced world of technology, people’s lifestyles have changed dramatically. Breakfast and lunch are not always on time, but exercise is often neglected. Since most of the time for work is spent outside the house, junk food is eaten outside. The stress of office work, many other things, it doesn’t even get enough sleep. Which has a direct effect on various diseases. It affects not only the body but also the mental health.

Get enough sleep to see how happy your day will be and you will be energetic all day long! This step of the World Sleep Society to create awareness about sleep is commendable. It is very important to take some time out of this fast paced world to complete sleep and give yourself time. So if you want to stay healthy, try to get at least eight hours of sleep and be happy! Happy World Sleep Day!

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