hindu terror theory and mumbai attack: why hindu terrorism trending on twitter on 13 years of mumbai terror attack : 26/11

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hindu terror theory and mumbai attack: why hindu terrorism trending on twitter on 13 years of mumbai terror attack : 26/11

Year 2008… the day of 26 November. Terrorists attack the country’s financial capital Mumbai. For 4 days, the terrorists in a way take the whole city hostage. Attacks at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Hotel Taj, Cama Hospital, Nariman House, Metro Cinema, Oberoi Trident….12 places. The area resonating with the flurry of bullets…the smell of gunpowder in the fiza. This was the biggest terrorist attack ever in India. 10 terrorists were involved. By November 29, Mumbai Police had killed 9 terrorists. One terrorist was caught alive.

The terrorist caught alive has a Kalawa tied in his hand, which is tied by Hindus. The police find the identity card with him. Name- Sameer Dinesh Choudhary. Student of Arunodaya Degree & PG College Vedare Complex, Dilkhushnagar, Hyderabad. Residence Address- 254, Teachers Colony, Nagarabhavi, Bangalore.

The 9 terrorists killed also have Indian identity cards. Everyone’s Hindu name, Everyone’s Hindu identity. Kalava on hands. What could be more powerful ‘evidence’ for the phrase ‘Hindu terrorism’? This was also the aim of the terrorists. But after a terrorist was caught alive, the theory of ‘Hindu terrorism’ was blown to pieces. The terrorist was identified as Ajmal Amir Kasab, a resident of Faridkot, Pakistan. 9 terrorists also killed Pakistani. With this, the colossal conspiracy of Pakistan and its notorious intelligence agency ISI to put the blame of the Mumbai attack on the imaginary ‘Hindu terrorism’ failed.

Just imagine. What would have happened if Kasab had not been caught alive on November 29, 2008 by constable Tukaram Omble’s sagacity and perseverance? When Tukaram Omble caught Kasab, the terrorist fired him with bullets. Tukaram was martyred on the spot but by then he had ensured that the terrorist was caught alive.

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If Kasab was not caught alive that day, then what would the world think, the whole of India would have thought that ‘Hindu terrorism’ was behind ‘bleeding’ Mumbai. ATS Chief Hemant Karkare, who investigated the Malegaon blasts, was also martyred in the Mumbai attack. With this, one would have blindly believed the theory of ‘Hindu terrorism’.

The mastermind of the attack was giving instructions to the terrorists sitting in Pakistan. In which ISI and Lashkar-e-Taiba were involved. In which the terrorist caught alive was sentenced to death by the court and he was hanged. In that terrorist attack, the conspiracy theory of ‘Hindu terrorism’ was carried forward by a big leader of the ruling party himself. Pakistan may have failed in its attempt to portray the Mumbai attack as an act of ‘Hindu terrorism’ but Congress leader Digvijay Singh suspects the RSS to be behind it.

Digvijay Singh releases not once, but twice a book that tries to describe the ‘Mumbai attack as a conspiracy of the RSS’. First in Delhi, then in Mumbai. Aziz Burney’s book ’26/11 RSS Conspiracy?’ Apart from Digvijay Singh, well-known producer-director of Hindi films Mahesh Bhatt is also present in the release of (RSS Conspiracy 26/11). Both try to tell the hand of RSS and ‘Hindu terrorism’ behind the Mumbai attack.

Rakesh Maria, former police commissioner of Mumbai Police, in his book ‘Let Me Say It Now’ has explained in detail how Pakistan left no stone unturned in calling the Mumbai attack ‘Hindu terrorism’ but caught Ajmal Kasab alive. This dangerous plan of his was foiled by his departure. Maria has written on page number 436 of the book that the same red thread was tied in the hands of all the terrorists, which is tied by Hindus. Everyone had fake Indian identity cards. Everyone’s name was Hindu. Pakistan had almost succeeded in its conspiracy to give color to ‘Hindu terrorism’ but Kasab’s game got spoiled by the capture of him alive.

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