himanshi khurana about shehnaaz gill: Himanshi Khurana said I know people will judge Shehnaaz Gill and expect a lot from her: Himanshi spoke on Shahnaz’s situation

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himanshi khurana about shehnaaz gill: Himanshi Khurana said I know people will judge Shehnaaz Gill and expect a lot from her: Himanshi spoke on Shahnaz’s situation

Once upon a time there was such a fierce fight between Shehnaaz Gill and Himanshi Khurana and she was in the headlines. It is said that Shahnaz Gill even tried to commit suicide because of this controversy. But ‘Bigg Boss 13’ helped him to forget the squabbles between them and today, seeing Shahnaz’s condition, Himanshi’s heart is also being shattered. Himanshi has said many things for Shahnaz in his latest interview, which makes it clear that he has the same pain for Shahnaz in his heart that a friend can feel.

Like a strong pillar with Rita Aunty Shahnaz
In an interview with ETimes TV, Himanshi has said a lot about Shahnaz, Siddharth Shukla and his mother Rita Shukla. He told how Siddharth has lived his life to the fullest and made his mother-sister feel proud. He also said that Shahnaz should keep him in his heart and move forward now. Himanshi said that Rita is standing like a strong pillar with Aunty Shahnaz.

People will judge Shahnaz and expect a lot from him
Himanshi said, ‘Being a woman and a human being, I understand her pain and I feel that she is now focusing on her work. I think Siddharth Shukla has found a lot in life and made his mother and sister proud. Siddharth was the only one who mattered to Shahnaz and he too was quite connected to Shahnaz, but now Shahnaz will have to live. I know people will judge him and expect a lot from him, they will want Shahnaz to always remember Siddharth on every platform wherever he goes.

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Glad that Siddharth’s mother is with Shahnaz at the moment
In our religion, when one leaves, all relationships and bonds end. We always remember him and have a special place for him in our hearts. We must always remember him but Shahnaz should not feel the pain of his demise. Being a girl I think she needs quite strong support and I am glad that Siddharth’s mother is with her at this difficult time. Asim went to Siddhartha’s funeral and told that Siddhartha’s mother is a very strong lady and how she handled everything.

Shahnaz never saw this phase
Himanshi said, ‘Asim and I talk about how Shahnaz needs Rita Aunty at the moment and she should be under his guidance. Shahnaz is not in a position to do everything wisely right now. This is a difficult time for everyone and Shahnaz has never seen this phase. I think no one can understand this pain. At the moment I think he needs a mature and strong man who can get him out of it. Because he is in a tough profession. ‘

Let Shahnaz live and breathe
Himanshi also talked about the industry and said, ‘No one here cares what you are feeling and what things are bothering you. No one cares about your mental health. You have to perform, smile when the camera comes in front of you. One day I did not behave properly with the media because there was a story about my rude behavior but no one understood that I must be doing something in real life. I don’t want people to push Shahnaz to that level and create pressure, let him live and let him breathe. ‘

We are all saddened by the demise of Siddhartha

Talking about Siddharth Shukla, he said that his demise has caused a lot of pain and shock to all of us and also taught that nothing has been put into fights and hatred. We run after money, work and success, but we can’t find time for our own. We do not know what our last time is.

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