Healthy Drinks For Diabetic Patient: What are the 8 best healthy drinks for a diabetes patient to include in diet

Healthy Drinks For Diabetic Patient: What are the 8 best healthy drinks for a diabetes patient to include in diet

Today, there are many such diseases in our society, due to which a person has to take only abstinence and lifelong medicines. One of these diseases is diabetes. Even though the disease of diabetes has started to seem common to people in today’s time. But this problem is much more serious. During this disease, not only the person has to take care of calories but also carbs and weight. In such a situation, it is important that you consume such drinks through which the blood sugar level in your body is completely controlled. The American Diabetes Association provides information on similar beverages.

This organization is advising diabetic patients to consume some such drinks, which either do not contain calories at all or are in very small amounts. Before knowing about these drinks, let us see what things you need to keep in mind in diabetes.
  • Do not consume substances that can cause harm.
  • Recognize and manage your symptoms
  • Keep your weight balanced.

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some caution needed

If you are a diabetic patient then you should choose only low calorie or zero calorie option. In this you can drink lemonade. On the other hand, if you are drinking vegetable or fruit juices and they also contain sugar, then consume them in limited quantities.

Apart from this, if you also consume low fat dairy products, then keep in mind that it contains sugar, as well as carbs in it. Therefore, add these too in the calculation of carbs throughout the day. Keep in mind that dairy products are also not counted as low calorie foods. It should not matter whether you are at home or outside, you should choose low calorie food and beverages. Let us know about those drinks which are beneficial in diabetes.

coconut water

Coconut water can also be beneficial for you during diabetes. Let us tell you that only 94 percent water is contained in coconut water. It is a low calorie beverage. It contains potassium, B vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids, enzymes and other nutrients. Diabetic patients can consume coconut water. But only if the sugar level is normal.

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This type of diet is best for people with diabetes, easily loses weight

low fat milk

If you want to control the condition of diabetes, then include dairy products in the diet. Dairy products contain many vitamins, proteins and calcium which can be beneficial for you. But they also contain carbs. So choose low fat or skimmed milk only.

Use sugar in it. Also, consume milk in limited quantity. Apart from this, you can also consume coconut milk or nut milk. In addition, soy milk and soy products are also better options. Just keep in mind that there is no sugar in them. Check the properly packaged products and only then consume them.

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Lemon and Ginger Drink

Ginger is known for its many properties. It has the ability to control your sugar level for a long time. Not only this, it also protects you from eye damage caused by diabetes. All you have to do is drink grated or grated ginger by adding hot water and adding lemon juice to it. It will be beneficial for you.

vegetable juice

We all know that the amount of sweetness inside fruit juice is very high. But you can consume tomato juice or juice made from other vegetables under this condition. In this you can include green leafy vegetables, cucumbers, berries etc. But keep in mind that you must count jamun in carbs. Otherwise, more carbs will go in the body and this is also dangerous for the diabetic patient.


There was a research done in 2012 about coffee, which suggests that the development of type 2 diabetes can be prevented by the consumption of coffee. In this research, it was found that 2 to 3 cups of coffee prevent the condition of diabetes from worsening. If in such a situation you already drink 4 cups of coffee, then it is more beneficial for you. But if you have a problem with caffeinated substances, then you can also consume decaffeinated coffee. But take special care not to put sugar, milk, cream or chocolate powder inside the coffee. This will convert it from low calorie to high calorie. If you want, you can consume low-calorie products in coffee.

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If you like to consume tea, then in diabetes you can consume herbal or green tea. A recent research suggests that drinking 6 cups of green tea a day not only gives you relief from type 2 diabetes. Rather, it can also reduce the problem of bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

You can consume green tea, herbal tea or any other tea in tea. Just keep in mind that sugar is not used in tea at all. You can consume rooibos, lemon tea, ice tea, earl gray and jasmine green tea.

If you are a patient of type 2 diabetes, then know what to eat and what not to control blood sugar


Water is beneficial not only for diabetic patients but for everyone. By drinking water, you will neither get calories, nor carbs, nor will it make the sugar level high. Rather, if you drink enough water, then the sugar level remains under control and the increased glucose is also removed from the body through urine.

Recently experts have told that men should drink about 3.08 liters of water throughout the day. And women should consume about 2.13 liters of water. If you do not like to drink plain water, then you can drink it by adding lemon, orange, herbs etc.

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apple cider vinegar

Drinking two spoons of apple cider vinegar in water is beneficial in diabetes. Let us tell you that there is an antiglycemic effect inside apple vinegar. Apart from this, it contains acetic acid which can act to alter the glycolysis present in the liver. These properties of apple vinegar are beneficial for you in diabetes.

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