Health Tips: Follow these four rules while doing yoga

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Health Tips: Follow these four rules while doing yoga

Yoga has been given unique importance for good health. There are special rules for each seat. If they do not follow the rules, the body can be damaged. We are going to tell you some general rules that need to be followed while doing yoga. Don’t do hard asanas in the beginning If you are doing yoga for the first time, don’t start with hard asanas. Light warm-up should be done before doing any asana. Then start with a few simple seats. If any vein in the body is accidentally squeezed, you will face a serious problem. Your body temperature rises during exercise. Therefore, after doing yoga without drinking water in between, drink it for 15 minutes. Do the seats you know Do the seats you know about. Which you have learned from yoga experts and you also know its rules. Doing any seating on your own can be dangerous. Not paying attention to mobile Always keep your phone turned off while doing yoga. If the phone is not switched off, your attention may be distracted and you will not be able to concentrate on breathing. If you don’t take long breaths, your yoga will not be complete, so you need to have control over your breathing while doing yoga. Do regular yoga There is a great need to do regular yoga. Only occasional yoga does not benefit the body. Therefore, daily yoga should be done.
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