hdfc bank to enhance medical infrastructure: hdfc bank measures to enhance medical infrastructure in india-

hdfc bank to enhance medical infrastructure: hdfc bank measures to enhance medical infrastructure in india-

HDFC Bank (HDFC Bank) will contribute to establish medical infrastructure in the country and improve the existing infrastructure. For this, the bank on Thursday announced several measures under the ‘Parivartan’ initiative. This will help in combating the Koranavirus. The measures announced by the bank include setting up of permanent medical infrastructure such as oxygen plants, medical equipment, ICU facilities etc. and providing medical supplies in the hospitals of the country.

HDFC Bank said in a statement that the bank will spend an initial amount of Rs 100 crore on Kovid 19 relief initiatives under the Parivartan initiative during FY 2021-22. The bank contributed Rs 120 crore for Kovid 19 relief as part of the Parivartan initiative in FY 2020-21.

What will HDFC Bank do to improve medical infrastructure?

  • Establishment of 20 oxygen plants in various hospitals in India
  • Establishment of 3 covid care facilities with a capacity of 100 beds
  • Construction of two isolation centers
  • Providing medical equipment and supplies to more than 200 hospitals in the country

will also take this step
HDFC Bank will work closely with the local authority to set up oxygen plants and COVID care medical facilities in the country to identify hospitals in the country. The bank also plans to offer scholarships to students affected by the epidemic under the Education Crisis Scholarship Scheme (ECSS) and provide monthly rations to about 1.5 lakh people in the villages.

Belief in creating long term sustainable infrastructure
Ashima Bhat, Group Head, CSR, Business Finance & Strategy, Administration and Infrastructure, HDFC Bank, says that HDFC Bank believes that communities and establishments need to unite in the fight against COVID-19. Our efforts are only a small part of our commitment to the society. We believe in creating long term sustainable infrastructure under Parivartan. We are working closely with NGO Partners and local administration to create essential medical infrastructure such as Oxygen Plants, Medical Equipment and Covid Care Facilities. Going forward, we will also focus on critical sectors like education and livelihood, especially for the families affected by COVID19. Also, more such long term sustainable initiatives will also be worked out.

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