Hannah Gutierrez-Reid, Armor on ‘Rust’ Set, Told Detective She Checked the Round

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Hannah Gutierrez-Reid, Armor on ‘Rust’ Set, Told Detective She Checked the Round

According to an affidavit released Wednesday, Hannah Gutierrez-Reid, the “Rust” film’s armour, told a detective that the day Alec Baldwin fatally shot the film’s cinematographer, he checked the dummy rounds and made sure That they weren’t “hot”. When the crew took a break for lunch, he told the detective, “Ammunition had been left on a vehicle on the set.”

The dummy round has no gun powder or primer cap; They are simply used as stand-ins for the actual bullets on camera.

According to court papers, it was Ms Gutierrez-Reid who set up a gray two-level cart outside the set, from which assistant director Dave Hall took the firearm and handed it to Mr Baldwin just before the shooting.

On the day of shooting, the crew was rehearsing a scene, then took a lunch break before returning to the scene. Ms Gutierrez-Reid told detectives that early in the lunch break, the firearms were secured inside a safe on a “prop truck”. During that time, she said that ammunition was kept in the truck as well as in a vehicle on the set, where they were “not safe” according to the affidavit.

Ms Gutierrez-Reed told an investigator that no live ammunition “is ever kept on set.”

After lunch, the film’s prop master, Sarah Zachary, took the firearms from the safe and handed them to Ms. Gutierrez-Reid, the armorer, as told to the detective by Ms. Gutierrez-Reid.

“She advised that there are only a few people who have access and access to the vault,” the affidavit said.

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During filming, Ms. Gutierrez-Reed told the detective that she had handed the gun to Mr. Baldwin a couple of times and to Mr. Hall as well.

On a podcast posted last month, Ms. Gutierrez-Reid, 24, who also goes by Hannah Reid and Hannah Gutierrez, said she made her film debut as Head Armorer in a western called “The Old Way” starring Clint. Filming has just completed. Howard and Nicolas Cage, which is set for release next year.

“I was really nervous about it at first, and I almost didn’t take the job because I wasn’t sure I was ready, but while doing it, it went really smoothly,” Ms. Gutierrez-Reid told her. Said podcast about the film, “Voice of the West,” on which the hosts discuss old Western movies and television shows. She is the daughter of Thale Reid, a shooting specialist and film industry consultant who has trained lead actors in handling firearms.

“Dad has been teaching me a little bit about guns since I was 16,” Ms Gutierrez-Reid said on the podcast, “but I think we’ve gotten into really, really more stuff over the years.” . “

Ms Gutierrez-Reid did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

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