Guillermo Palacios presents “Inside Migration” | News

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Guillermo Palacios presents “Inside Migration” | News

The plastic artist Guillermo Palacios Pomareda presents his ninth individual exhibition entitled “Migración Adentro”.

The project is the personal experience of the painter who offers us an interior journey to his personal archives, which were exposed and revisited during the move from his studio-workshop. A reflection on his past and the idea of ​​migrating.

The exhibition can be visited from this Wednesday, November 10 and will be open to the public until Saturday, December 4 at the Baldí Land Associationto.

“Migración Adentro is a project that shows my personal observation process. Search among my stored things what was really stored very, very deep … find what I lived, see what shaped me, what I did, what moved me, what did not heal, what marked me. See what I am made of … and, finally, love myself … to then migrate from the inside, loving, loving and creating. Because we always migrate to a new state ”, commented the artist about his work.

About the artist

Guillermo Palacios Pomareda dedicated himself to visual arts and painting from a very young age. His work experience has focused on various fields of communication, as a teacher and art director.

In the cinematographic medium, he has worked in various national productions that have been awarded such as “October”, “Journey to Timbuktu”, “Javier’s Passion” and “Samichay”.

In 2006 he presented his first solo show entitled “Direct San Martín Los Olivos”, where we could appreciate the inclination of Palacios Pomadera towards movement and transfer, a concept that we will see in “Migración Adentro”.

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He has participated in multiple solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally, garnering important reviews from the specialized press.

Palacios Pomareda has a close relationship with the Asociación Tierra Baldia, of which he comments “My relationship is generated through Rebeca Fuenzalida, whom I have known since school, and then the bond was tightened by his bond with the Canta Rana. The love for family, for places to eat, which become a home. For that cultural nature and pleasure of sharing. And that is why this project Inside Migration, in his first show, he looks for a place like this, where he breathes home ”.

About space

The Tierra Baldia Association, recognized as a cultural center by the Municipality of Miraflores, is a self-managed space created and directed by the cultural manager Rebeca Fuenzalida Bustamante that has promoted and supported art, as well as the many cultural expressions of Peru. It was founded in 2018, as a tribute to the memory and legacy of the great Peruvian intellectual Fernando Fuenzalida Vollmar (1936-2011).

The inauguration of “Migración Adentro” will be held Wednesday, November 10, At 7 pm. For security reasons and due to the current situation, the capacity will be controlled and it is necessary to wear a mask to enter the exhibition space.

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