Gourd, Tuber or Potato? A big discovery in New Zealand

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Gourd, Tuber or Potato? A big discovery in New Zealand

Then, last week a Guinness email arrived in Mr. Craig-Brown’s inbox. A fragment of the development was submitted for DNA testing, and the results confirmed the suspects’ suspicions:

Doug was not a potato at all.

Credit…Donna Craig-Brown, via The Associated Press

“Sadly, the specimen is not a potato and is, in fact, a type of gourd tuber,” wrote a spokesperson for the organization.

For people with a green thumb, “a gourd tuber” can be a frustratingly slang term. A tuber can be any type of swollen underground stem – including potatoes. Gourds, which include pumpkins, piths and cucumbers, are completely unrelated plants.

So what exactly is Doug, where did it come from, and why did it appear in a garden near Hamilton, a town in New Zealand’s North Island? No clear answer has emerged.

Chris Claridge, a horticulturist and chief executive officer of industry group Potato New Zealand, which assisted with the DNA test, described the growth as a type of scar tissue on a wound, as sometimes a branch is removed. After is seen on trees. ,

“It could have been an infection, it could have been a disease, it could have just formed and developed as an accident of nature,” he said. “But it’s not even the same family as the potato.”

He added: “Put it this way: We’re good at growing potatoes in New Zealand, but we’re not that good.”

For Mr Craig-Brown, the result was disappointing. It was also a puzzle that kept him awake at night.

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