Google’s AI duplex reservation service is now available in 49 states

Google's AI
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Google’s AI Duplex Reservation

More than two decades after initially launching the test, Google’s AI – powered reservation aid duplex is now accessible in 49 US states. It looks like it will restrict coverage of duplexes in the US for some time, as Google points out that the provider has no timeline to launch the provider due to unspecified local regulations in the past maintenance point – Louisiana.

Google's AI

Google’s AI

Complying with neighborhood laws is a special reason why duplexes have taken so long to roll out across the US. Google tells Mcezone that it has experience in adding certain functions for the company to make it legitimate in some states (such as once again providing volume of calls for companies contacted by Duplex). In some others, the laws are awaiting change.

Google has experienced customizing duplex according to field guidelines
The new milestone from 49 states was spotted by Android Policies, which focuses on the Google Support website page that lists the availability of duplex.

Google’s AI duplex unveiled

Google first unveiled the duplex at its 2018 I / O meeting when viewers saw it. As a feature of Google Assistant, Google’s AI Duplex uses AI for phone neighborhood companies, building reservations at places to eat, and hairdressers make a sensible-hypnotic voice on your behalf.

Google's AI duplex

Google’s AI duplex

But as is usually the case with tech demos, Google promises to provide more than this. In 2019, it was revealed that 25 percent of duplex calls are produced by humans, and 19% of calls initiated by automated technology have to be ended by individuals. In our personal reporting, we surprised the duplex of that restaurant with the usual automated spam robocalls.

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It is unclear what proportion of duplex phone calls are made by AI, but the company cannot be taxed by too many café reservations for the duration of the epidemic lockdown. As businesses begin to reopen in this 12 months, there will be an appeal to see if the duplex can catch up.

Google’s AI converts webpages into videos

Google researchers say they are developing a Google AI system that can automatically convert webpages into short videos. It extracts assets such as text and images from HTML sources and their design styles such as fonts, colors and graphical layouts and arranges the assets in a sequence of shots, maintains a look and feel similar to the source page as it does so Does.

Google may find this system useful for businesses that host websites with rich visual representation about their services or products. The company says that these assets can be remodeled for video, potentially enabling them to reach a wider audience without extensive resources. A typical video costs between $ 880 and $ 1,200 and may take several weeks to create.

These presentations come from a set of projections identified through a study with designers, and they provide a consistent color and style to branding, disrupting the amount of information in a shot and its time period, including the content hierarchy Capture video editing styles. Using this information, URL2Video parses a webpage, analyzes the content, selects visually salient text or images, and preserves the design styles, arranging it according to the user’s specifications.

URL2Video extracts document object model information and multimedia content on a per-webpage basis, identifying visually distinct elements as a candidate list of asset groups with titles, product images, descriptions, and call-to-action buttons. The system captures both the raw assets (i.e., text and multimedia files) and detailed design specifications (HTML tags, CSS styles, and provided space) for each element and then by assigning each priority score based on each visual view Ranks property groups. And annotations. In this way, an asset group that occupies a large area at the top of the page achieves a high score.

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