Good Friday 2021 date history significance important of celebration | Good Friday 2021

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Good Friday 2021 date history significance important of celebration | Good Friday 2021

Good Friday 2021: Today, Good Friday is celebrated all over the world. This day is very important in the Christian community. This day is celebrated in remembrance of Jesus Christ. Today, religious prayer meetings are held in churches around the world.

Good Friday is always celebrated on the Friday before Easter Sunday. This year, today, April 2, is being celebrated as Good Friday. This day commemorates the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Those who follow Christianity are preparing 40 days in advance to celebrate this day. Jesus’ sacrifice is then commemorated in church prayers today.

Jesus was crucified
Jesus Christ has given a message of love and compassion to the world. Jesus was crucified on Friday following an order from the Roman emperor. At that time, there was a proliferation of religious leaders who spread superstitions and misconceptions. Under such circumstances, Jesus sought to turn society around. This increased Jesus’ fame.

Many did not agree with Jesus. They provoked the king of Rome against Jesus. Then the king of Rome decided to hang Jesus. Jesus devoted his whole life to the welfare of the weak in society.

On Sunday, the third day of Good Friday, also called Easter Sunday, Jesus is said to have resurrected, and for the next 40 days he preached to the people. The day of Jesus’ resurrection is celebrated as Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday will be celebrated on April 4 this year. Even on that day, Christian brothers and sisters from all over the world pray in the church. Good Friday commemorates the last seven verses of the Bible.

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