Good customer service at Haldi copra gola in Indore

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Good customer service at Haldi copra gola in Indore

Indore, Nov 13 (PTI) In the local Siyaganj grocery market, the consumption of turmeric and copra gola on Saturday was better than Friday. According to business sources, eight vehicles arrived in sugar.

sugar – jaggery

Sugar 3620 to 3660, Sugar (M) 3680 to 3730 per quintal.

Gur Bheli 3750 to 3800, Jaggery bowl 4100 to 4150, Gur Laddu 4300 to 4350 rupees per quintal.

copra gola

Copra gola Rs 198 to 225 per kg.

Copra Bura Rs 2650 to 3900 per 15 kg.


Haldi (Stick) Sangli 156 to 158, Haldi (Step) Nizamabad 110 to 140, Ground turmeric Rs 165 to 185 per kg.


Sabudana 4200 to 4800, 5200 to 5400 rupees per quintal in packing.

flour and flour

Wheat flour 1200, maida 1220, rava 1260, gram gram flour 3400 to 3425 rupees per 50 kg.

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