Ghaziabad News: War level preparations to fight corona in Ghaziabad, 21 piku ward with 150 beds for children – modern picu covid ward prepared for children at ghaziabad hospitals

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Ghaziabad News: War level preparations to fight corona in Ghaziabad, 21 piku ward with 150 beds for children – modern picu covid ward prepared for children at ghaziabad hospitals

Preparations are in full swing in Ghaziabad to ensure that the situation that happened during the second wave of corona infection does not happen again. This time the emphasis is on the modern Pediatric Incentive Care Unit (PICU) ward, amid fears of a higher number of children getting infected in a possible third wave. So far 21 Piku wards have been prepared, in which 150 beds have been arranged.

Piku wards are also built at all CHCs and PHCs. Children’s doctors are also being deployed at these health centers. On the other hand, 25 ventilators, 12 HFNCs and more than 10 Bipep machines have been arranged in the special ward of the children set up in the Combined Hospital.

On one hand, while the number of beds is being increased, on the other hand, plants are also being set up for oxygen. This time special arrangements are being made to admit the patients according to their condition.

30 bed special ward in combined
Special arrangements are also being made to admit patients to hospitals. A special ward of 30 beds has been made for children in the Combined Hospital. There are 10 beds of Piku, 6 beds of HDU and 14 beds of special ICU. Modern machines and complete arrangement of oxygen are being done in Piku ward. Monitoring unit in modern machines, in which pulse and oxygen level will be continuously detected.

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ECG monitoring and By Pap machines have been installed. Modern machines have also been installed in HDU. The hospital’s CMS Dr. Sanjay Teotia says that if needed, the number of beds for children can also be increased. Apart from this, modern Piku wards of 10 beds each have been made at all CHCs.

Pikus have been made at Muradnagar, Modinagar, Dasna and Loni CHCs. Oxygen concentrators are available everywhere, along with oxygen plants are also about to be commissioned. A 10-bed Piku has also been made at Bhojpur PHC. Kovid wards have also been made at 16 APHCs with oxygen concentrators and beds have been reserved for children.

There will be special training
Special training will also be provided to the doctors treating children at the government level. For this, a team of specialist doctors of IMA will start training soon. In this training, training will be given about the treatment of children, medicines, use of modern machines and how to give oxygen to the children. During the third wave, the doctors of IMA will also provide their services in government hospitals.

So far no serious case has come
During the two waves of corona infection, more than 8 thousand children in the district got infected, but none of these cases was serious. According to government data, a child who was about a year old died in both the waves. The recovery rate in children was good. Apart from this, no symptoms of post covid were also reported in the children.

District Surveillance Officer Dr. RK Gupta says that the immunity of children is activated very fast, due to which serious cases are not reported in children. The most important thing is that children do not take the disease too seriously and are not even afraid of it.

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In such a situation, their recovery is easier than the elders. All kinds of preparations are being made for the third wave of corona in the district. It is the effort of the department that during the third wave, patients get early and better treatment and death is minimized.

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