General Rawat Statement On Lynching: CDS General Bipin Rawat On Lynching Terrorists And India China Border On Times Now Summit 2021 General Rawat said – Kashmiris are offering us lynching

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General Rawat Statement On Lynching: CDS General Bipin Rawat On Lynching Terrorists And India China Border On Times Now Summit 2021 General Rawat said – Kashmiris are offering us lynching


  • CDS General Bipin Rawat attended Times Now Summit 2021
  • CDS bluntly on attacks on non-local people in Jammu and Kashmir
  • If anyone feels threatened, come to us, we will give protection: CDS
  • If a terrorist is operating, why won’t you kill him? : General Rawat

Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat says that there is a lot of anger among the local Kashmiri citizens towards the terrorists. In the Times Now Summit 2021, General Rawat said why terrorists are being caught, because locals are giving information about them. He said, ‘Now we are being told that the locals are saying that we will lynch terrorists. This is a positive sign. General Rawat said that such statements are coming on social media that if you want, we will start killing terrorists.

‘Locals themselves are saying, will kill terrorists’

In a conversation with Times Now Editor-in-Chief Rahul Shivshankar, General Rawat said, “So far it has been happening that a large number of locals know the terrorists, they know from where they operate.” They did not give information just because of fear of guns. But now they are coming forward with a different thinking that either we will kill them (terrorists) or we will make such arrangements that they are killed. He said that ‘now it is a message for terrorists or it is some strategy of intelligence agencies, I do not know, but if it is so, then I would say that it is a very good bet.’ According to CDS, you have to instill fear in the minds of terrorists that before you kill us, we will kill you.

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How can killing a terrorist be a human rights violation? If a terrorist is operating in your area, why won’t you kill him?

‘Migration from J&K happens every year’

On the question related to the targeting of Kashmiri Pandits in Jammu and Kashmir, the CDS said that the CDS said that if a family member is targeted, then the rest of the members get scared. He said that migration happens every year. Whenever apple season ends, migration occurs. The same thing is happening now. They will return again in March-April. He said that ‘if anyone feels threatened then come to us.’

General Rawat said that first it happened that people left their base which was captured by Kashmiri terrorists. We don’t want that. If anyone feels that he does not have a safe place to go, then come to us, we will protect you. This is a temporary problem. On the question of repeated attacks, he said, ‘The enemy wants to escape. Our aim is to stop the migration. One or two murders take place and the escape begins. We are stopping it. And how are we stopping? Any terrorist attack happens, within 48-72 hours those terrorists are eliminated. Terrorists are also understanding this.

China did a big construction in Tibet, to avoid a situation like 1962, the army needs wide roads…. Government bid in SC

‘Long time to return to LAC as before’

CDS General Rawat also talked about the tension on the border with China in eastern Ladakh. He said that ‘there can be disengagement at LAC but de-escalation, it will take a long time to restore the status quo’. According to General Rawat, the armies of India and China are very close to each other in Depsang and Demchok sectors. On reports of Chinese settlement in Arunachal Pradesh, he said that ‘As far as India is concerned, village construction has not happened within our limits’. He also made it clear that China is our enemy number one.

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