Former cm kamalnath reaction: madhya pradesh former cm kamalnath reaction on krishi kanoon wapsi

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Former cm kamalnath reaction: madhya pradesh former cm kamalnath reaction on krishi kanoon wapsi


  • Kamal Nath targeted the Center on the return of agricultural law
  • He said that the farmers have suffered a lot for this.
  • Kamal Nath said that this is the victory of farmers
  • Former CM said that farmers have been humiliated

Former CM Kamal Nath has targeted the Modi government for withdrawing the agricultural laws (Farm Bill Withdraw). He said that lakhs of farmer brothers across the country were agitating on the streets for more than a year in protest against the three agricultural laws passed by the Parliament in September last year. They were pleading with the government to withdraw these laws. Even in the rain, cold and hot summer, he stood on the streets in protest against these laws.

He said that more than 600 farmers have died during this agitation. The farmers have also had to face a lot of harassment during this protest. Many nights have to be spent on the streets. Kamal Nath said that he had to bear all kinds of insults. He said that he was addressed as a terrorist, sometimes a traitor, sometimes a broker and sometimes by other names, but the farmers did not budge.

Kamal Nath said that Congress also openly supported this movement of farmers. We openly fought in their support and after a year, on the historic day of Guru Nanak’s Prakash Parv, the Modi government has announced the withdrawal of these black agricultural laws, we welcome it.

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He said that if this decision had been taken earlier. Kamal Nath said that if the government had left its arrogant and obstinate attitude in the past, the lives of many farmers could have been saved. Kamal Nath said that the farmers who stood on the roads for more than a year. He had to face various kinds of troubles and persecutions, which could have been avoided.

Announcement to withdraw agricultural law, slogans of farmer zindabad raised on Ghazipur border … watch video

Kamal Nath said that if people continue to teach BJP a lesson in this way, then it will continue to win like this. Now the Modi government should also withdraw the cases registered against farmers across the country during the ongoing agitation against these laws.

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