foods that will help keep bloating at bay home remedies by rujuta diwekar on social media – Bloating Home Remedies

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foods that will help keep bloating at bay home remedies by rujuta diwekar on social media – Bloating Home Remedies

There is no dearth of festivals in our country. Talking about October and November, during this time many festivals keep coming one after the other. Whose preparations and while celebrating them, we start being careless about the food and drink. There is no time for dinner and even if eaten on time, the quantity of food becomes too much. Due to which digestive problems start to arise.

Such a situation has arisen with Diwali and other festivals after that. If you too have started feeling bloated and lethargic after Diwali, then Rujuta Diwekar’s opinion can be useful for you. Actually recently celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has shared information on her Instagram account. In which she is telling three such food items, which can overcome this problem of flatulence and dullness.

Rujuta Diwekar told whether eating will reduce bloating

coconut water

Coconut water can quickly remove the electrolyte deficiency in your body and can also provide relief from flatulence and bloating. Starting the morning with coconut water after a late night meal can be very beneficial. But keep in mind that you do not forget to eat coconut.

Be aware that the medium chain fatty acid found inside coconut also prepares you for your next workout session, so that you do not miss the next workout session. Apart from this, it also works to increase your stamina.

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Stomach patients will not know why to eat curd and rice in the afternoon, Rujuta Diwekar told these 2 reasons

sugarcane juice

The sweetness of sugarcane juice can completely remove the dullness on your face. In India, sugarcane juice or sugarcane is also used in the disease of jaundice. Whereas after Tulsi Puja which comes after Diwali. In this, only sugarcane is given as prasad.

Its real purpose is also that you should be able to remove the dullness on the face and be filled with freshness and energy. Apart from this, it also detoxifies the skin. Not only this, sugarcane juice contains glycolic acid, which is often found in expensive skin products. It not only enhances the glow of your face, but it also keeps you away from nail pimples.

Rujuta Diwekar gave this special advice to those doing weight loss… don’t forget to start the day by eating these things


Gulkand is a mixture made from rose leaves, sugar, and some herbs that can relieve you from many problems including acidity. Excessive eating and lack of sleep are enough to damage your gut flora.

But in such a situation, the consumption of Gulkand can handle this situation. Also, you can easily get it from the market. You can consume Gulkand with milk or directly. It can work to make your intestine heal faster.

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