Floating City In South Korea : UN Backed Floating City To Be Built In South Korea Withstand Flood And Tsunami

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Floating City In South Korea : UN Backed Floating City To Be Built In South Korea Withstand Flood And Tsunami

About two years ago, a group of builders, engineers and architects had a meeting at the United Nations to discuss an ambitious project. The project was about building a city that floats on water and is completely safe from natural disasters like floods, tsunamis and hurricanes. Although the idea of ​​a ‘floating city’ is not new, people have been dreaming of building artificial islands or cities floating on water for many years. Even some ancient writers, such as Homer, envisioned a paranormal floating city as early as the 13th century.

However, then it was not easy to turn those fantasies into reality as the local governments mostly never approved the proposal. His concern was about better use of land but now those fantasies are very close to reality. On Thursday, the city was approved to float on UN-backed waters. South Korea’s Busan city has agreed to settle it. The floating city will be built in collaboration with project designer OCEANIX and the UN Human Settlement Program (UN-Habitat).
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Rising sea level will not become a threat
Like other coastal cities, Busan is threatened by rising sea levels. Speaking to Insider, Itai Madamombe, co-founder of OCEANIX, said that Busan is the best place to build this project. He said that we hope to be able to use it for all the coastal cities and coastal communities of the world that are facing the challenge of rising sea levels.
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The city will make its own food, water
The floating city to be built in Busan will actually be a collection of hexagonal platforms floating above the water. These platforms will be reinforced with a limestone coating that is two to three times harder than concrete. The project aims to build a city that is completely flood-protected, keeps rising with sea levels, and can produce its own food, energy and fresh water. The company has not yet determined the size of the city. The estimated cost of the city is believed to be up to 200 million.

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