Flight Ticket Prices Between Pakistan And Afghanistan Rises Taliban Warns PIA For Flight Ban

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Flight Ticket Prices Between Pakistan And Afghanistan Rises Taliban Warns PIA For Flight Ban

Air service between Pakistan and Afghanistan may be affected soon. Sources say the Taliban may soon announce a ban on Pakistan’s national airline PIA in response to Pakistan’s ban on Kama Airways. Pakistan has banned Kama Airways flights to Afghanistan. This restriction will remain in force until further notice.

However, it is being said that the displeasure of the Taliban is more than this ban with the increased rent of the PIA, which was only $ 200 to 300 before August 15 and has now reached $ 2500. It is clear that Pakistan has increased its airfares astonishingly after the arrival of Taliban in Afghanistan. The Taliban’s Ministry of Transport and Aviation has warned that it will suspend operations of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Afghan private airline Kam Air if fares for Kabul-Islamabad flights are not made the same before August 15.
Afghanistan will drown in darkness! Taliban pocket empty to pay electricity bill of $62 million
Threats to stop flights
According to Tolo News, the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) has also appealed to reduce airfares. There have been threats to stop flights if the prices are not reduced. The ACAA says that currently only one Pakistani airline is allowed to fly between Afghanistan and Pakistan. There are many challenges facing the Taliban at this time in the country, in which the economy is a big aspect. The country’s economy has come to a standstill and the banking system is in shambles.
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Afghanistan may drown in darkness
According to reports, there may be a power crisis in Afghanistan in the coming days. Afghanistan is largely supplied with electricity from foreign countries such as Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. After the occupation of the Taliban, large scale businesses and businesses have been closed in the country. In such a situation, the Taliban have neither money nor any way to buy electricity from outside. The government company has already warned of heavy power cuts in the coming winter. Such a situation may arise due to non-payment of outstanding bills.

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