Fines confirmed for Telefónica del Perú and Entel for more than S / 2.9 million | News

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Fines confirmed for Telefónica del Perú and Entel for more than S / 2.9 million | News

The Supervisory Agency for Private Investment in Telecommunications (Osiptel) declared today unfounded the appeals filed by the operating companies Telefónica del Perú and Entel, and confirmed the fines that were imposed in the first instance by 663.2 Tax Tax Units (UIT), equivalent to two million 918,080 soles.

Through the Board of Directors’ resolution 174-2021-CD / Osiptel, published today in the newspaper El Peruano, the regulatory entity confirmed the application of fines of 120 UIT (528,000 soles) and 280 UIT (1 million 232,000 soles) for improperly objecting 111,463 prior consultations, a mechanism that allows the receiving concessionaire to verify in real time the viability of a possible portability procedure, and 38,643 portability requests made by Telefónica users.

They are offenses classified as serious and very serious respectively, in the Single Ordered Text (TUO) of the Portability regulation in the mobile public service and in the fixed telephony service, he said.

In the case of Entel, the regulatory body, through the Board of Directors’ resolution 176-2021 / Osiptel, published today in El Peruano, confirmed the fines of 113.2 UIT (498,080 soles) and 150 UIT (660,000 soles) for criminal misconduct as serious in the regulation of Inspection, Infractions and Sanctions, regarding the delivery of information to Osiptel.

With the resolutions published by Osiptel, the administrative route is exhausted, said the country’s telecommunications regulator.

The resources obtained by the fines imposed on operating companies by Osiptel do not constitute income for the regulator, but are destined to the fund of the National Telecommunications Program (Pronatel), he said.

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Pronatel is the organization that promotes access and use of essential public telecommunications services for rural populations and is attached to the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), he said.

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Published: 9/26/2021

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