ferdie piay: Indonesia Ambassador to India

ferdie piay: Indonesia Ambassador to India

New Delhi / Jakarta
Ambassador Freddy Nico Yohannes Peye, in charge of Indonesia in India, died in a hospital in Jakarta. He was airlifted to his home country a few weeks ago after being infected with Kovid-19. Diplomat Siddhartho Suryodipuro, who was Indonesia’s ambassador to India, tweeted about Piay’s death.

Siddhartho Suryodipuro confirmed as Indonesia’s ambassador to India
Suryodipuro said that inaudible tribute to the Ambassador in charge in New Delhi and my good friend and colleague Freddie Pye. may his soul rest in peace. om Shanti. After his condition worsened, he was airlifted to Jakarta on 27 April.

Indonesian embassy also tweeted
The embassy of Indonesia in New Delhi tweeted and expressed grief over the death of Pye and said that his leadership, guidance and generosity will always be remembered. Indonesian media reported that he was undergoing treatment due to being infected with Kovid-19.

Second foreign diplomat dies in India from Corona
This is the death of another officer of a foreign mission in India amid the corona virus epidemic. Last month, the Defense Advisor at the Tanzania High Commission was killed by Kovid-19. Colonel Moses Beatus Mlula passed away on 28 April, the second day after being admitted to the base hospital in Delhi Cantt.

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