FDA again warns parents not to vaccinate children under 12

FDA again warns parents not to vaccinate children under 12

Initially reluctant to enforce the mandate, President Biden is now moving more aggressively than any other president in modern history to require vaccinations, including in schools.

The president visited Brookland Middle School on Friday to meet first lady Jill Biden, a college professor who returned to class this week. In his remarks, Mr. Biden urged parents to vaccinate eligible children, and promised The White House visits the school once each student has received the vaccine.

“The safest thing you can do for your 12-year-old and older is get them vaccinated,” the president told the crowd. “You’ve got them vaccinated for all kinds of other things — measles mumps rubella — for them to go to school, to be able to play sports, they’ve had to vaccinate them. Get them vaccinated.”

A list of new requirements announced this week will apply to those who teach in Head Start programs, Department of Defense schools and schools run by the Indian Bureau of Education. Collectively, those schools serve more than 1 million children and employ about 300,000 employees, according to a plan released by administration officials.

“We may not always know what will happen in the future, but we do know what we are doing for our children,” Dr Biden said on Friday. “We promise them to keep their schools as safe as possible. We give them a commitment to follow science. “

The surge of new cases, driven by the more infectious Delta variant, rippling through uninfected communities has also affected children, who are currently being hospitalized at the highest levels, with nearly 30,000 hospital admissions in August .

Children are still less likely to be hospitalized or die from COVID-19 than adults, especially older adults. But experts say the growing number of children hospitalized, although fewer than adults, should not be considered, and instead encourage communities to work harder to protect their youngest residents. should do.

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Christopher F. Schuetz contributed reporting.

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