FBI plans to track threats against school boards and teachers

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FBI plans to track threats against school boards and teachers

The Justice Department also said it would launch “a series of additional efforts in the coming days designed to address the increase in criminal conduct directed toward school personnel,” including a task force that will include a task force of US attorneys. Office, the FBI, would be involved. Criminal Division, National Security Division and Civil Rights Division.

During inspection hearings last month, Republicans hailed the effort as an attack on parents who criticized issues such as mask mandates, curriculums about race, and policies about gender issues. As the debates became more heated, physical fights, arrests, disorderly conduct and threats against school officials increasingly made headlines.

Some Republicans said the memo had a certain political cast, as it was released just days after public school board leaders asked President Biden in a letter to address safety issues in schools. The teachers who wrote the letter later apologized for some of its inflammatory language, including comparisons between protesting parents and domestic terrorists.

Several Republicans on the House and Senate judiciary committees said the directive to look into harassment and threats — particularly those involving the department’s counterterrorism department — echoed the same language that teachers had withdrawn and a calm down on parents. The effect can be those who want to voice complaints, even if that is not the intention.

Mr Garland has denied taking his initiative to appease the White House, and he reiterated several times that his directive was only to address violence and threats of violence, and that the department would not act on free speech.

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Still, after a Justice Department whistle-blower recently shared the bureau’s memo about the new threat tag with Republican lawmakers, Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, called on Mr. written in the letter.

Republicans suggested that the memo, which directed the FBI’s counterterrorism department to use the tag when investigating possible instances of school violence, showed Mr. Garland was not entirely accurate when he appeared before him last month. Testified.

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