fate of desi pickles: Taste Of Indian Pickles:

fate of desi pickles: Taste Of Indian Pickles:

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After going to a restaurant and eating a meal, you definitely want to taste the small piece of pickle lying on your plate. You may already have pickles in a jar on your dinner table, or you may have to ask the waiter for it. As soon as you taste the pickle, you are bound to get disappointed. It can be a pickle that is too salty, too sour, or a tasteless one.

There is very little scope for restaurants to provide really good pickles. Restaurants cannot charge money for placing pickles on a customer’s plate. Some Bengali restaurants charge for tomato and date chutney, but it is served to the customers with the aim of making the eater absolutely lick his plate.

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pickle business started
A Pickle Cart has been introduced for the welcome experience of the customers at a restaurant of Taj Group in Chennai. At the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station in Mumbai, Pancham Pooriwala also has bowls of freshly prepared pickles for every table. You can usually get a good pickle in restaurants only if the chef takes a personal interest in it. Otherwise, the restaurant operates only with the pickles sold in the market.

pickles sold in the market

The commercially prepared pickles are different whereas the traditional homemade pickles have a different taste. Vinegar is added to pickles in Western and Middle Eastern countries. Because it lasts a long time. Spices and oil are used in pickles made in India, which are excellent in terms of taste. Spices dissolve in the oil added to Indian pickles and hence they taste great. Oil is not a good preservative, but pickles can be protected from bacteria and fungus etc. present in the environment if properly packaged.

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