fake corona vaccination record in mp: Fake Corona Vaccination Record In MP : Vaccination to dead, message of second dose without taking, rigging data of corona vaccination in Madhya pradesh disclosed

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fake corona vaccination record in mp: Fake Corona Vaccination Record In MP : Vaccination to dead, message of second dose without taking, rigging data of corona vaccination in Madhya pradesh disclosed


  • Vaccination figures falsified in Shahdol
  • The message of the second dose is coming to the people without getting the vaccine
  • Navbharat Many people complained about this fraud
  • Shahdol CMHO said that the matter will be investigated

Ravindra Gill

In Shahdol district of MP (Fake Corona Vaccination Record In MP), even those people who are no longer in this world have been given corona vaccine. At the same time, there are some people who were hospitalized, they got a message about the vaccine. The administration is not ready to give a precise answer on this negligence. Let us explain you through example.

Nitin Chaurasia of Shahdol, who works in a private insurance company. Father Prem Lal Chaurasia had got the corona vaccine on 25 March but suddenly died on 15 April due to being Kovid-positive. Just on November 10, Nitin got an SMS on his mobile that his father Prem Lal Chaurasia got the second dose of the vaccine and his vaccination has been completed.

Write it and then I will get the vaccine, if something happens, you are responsible… when the woman placed a condition in front of Lady SP
He says that I was surprised how his vaccination was completed after my father’s death. Vaccination is being done only to meet the target.

Messages coming without vaccination, listen to the story of fraud from the people of Shahdol
second dose message arrived
Similarly, Rupesh Patel of Shahdol, who works as a laborer. On September 14, the first dose of Kovid vaccine was administered, but without taking the second dose, a message came on his mobile that he had received the second dose. His vaccination has been completed. Now he is worried whether he will get the second dose of the vaccine or not. He should also complain about this to the Chief Minister online, but his complaint could not be registered.

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Similarly, Rishabh Gupta, a resident of Shahdol, who runs his own tea stall. He received the first dose of the Kovidshield vaccine on 28 May. He fell ill when his second dose was due. He has not administered the second dose yet. On November 11, he got the message that you have received the second dose of the vaccine. Rishabh has also downloaded the vaccination certificate.

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Rishabh says that he did not take his second dose due to illness. Even then, a message about the completion of the vaccine came on his mobile.
At the same time, Kishan Saini who works in a clothes shop. He also got SMS without taking the second dose of Corona vaccine. He downloaded his certificate. Now she is also worried whether she will be able to get the vaccine or not.

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Similarly Brijmohan Yadav who works as a laborer. The first dose of the vaccine was administered on July 1. He did not get any SMS on the second day, but on November 11, he also got an SMS about the second dose. When the team of Navbharat was talking to him, only then he got a call from the local level asking him to get his second dose, then he said that he got an SMS that he has got the vaccine.

On this whole matter, CMHO Dr MS Sagar of Shahdol district was asked that without getting the vaccine, people are getting SMS that their vaccination has been completed. He says, this could be a human error and we will try to avoid such a mistake again. At the same time, he said that investigation will be done to find out from where such disturbances are occurring.

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