facebook’s ray-ban stories price: Amazing Facebook Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses: Apart from shooting photo-videos, you can also make calls

facebook’s ray-ban stories price: Amazing Facebook Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses: Apart from shooting photo-videos, you can also make calls

Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories has launched ‘smart’ glasses. The wearable is available in three designs and multiple color options for the frame. Customers will also have the option to choose from different types of lenses based on their needs. Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories has dual 5-megapixel cameras that can capture pictures and 30-second videos. As a privacy feature, the glasses have external-facing LED lights that let people know when the cameras are working. Additionally, the temples of the smart glasses double as earphones and feature touch-activated controls for music playback, calls, and volume. The Facebook Ray-Ban Smart Glass will compete directly with the Snapchat app maker’s Snap Glass, which offers similar features.

Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories: Price-Availability

  • The price of Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories ranges from $ 299 (about Rs 22,000) to $379 (about Rs 27,900). The frames are offered in four color options – Black, Blue, Dark Gray and Green. They come with 6 lens options which include regular, polarized and transition lenses. Users can choose between Clear with Blue Light Filter, Brown, Dark Grey, Green, Polarized Dark Blue, Transition Clear with Dark Green Lens.
  • Facebook x Ray-Ban Smart Glasses can be purchased online through Ray-Ban’s website and through select retail stores in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, the UK and the US. India availability is yet to be announced.
  • In comparison, Spectrum 3 by Snap which is equipped with cameras for pictures and video recording as well as mic for calls, is available in India for Rs 29,999. They were launched in India in July 2020 in two color options.
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Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories: Basic Specifications

  • Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses are equipped with two 5-megapixel cameras that can capture images with a resolution of 2592×1944 pixels. Additionally, it can also capture 30 seconds of video with 1,184×1,184 pixel resolution at 30fps (frames per second). Users can capture and store around 500 photos and about 35 videos of 30 seconds each. The cameras are also accompanied by an external facing LED lights, which will let others know when they are being captured. Smart glasses are equipped with a Snapdragon processor.
  • The smart glasses also have open-ear speakers mounted in each temple. Facebook and Ray-Ban also include touch-sensitive controls that can control music playback, calls, and volume with single-tap, double-tap and triple-tap gestures. On the right temple, users can use the shutter button to capture photos and record videos. Smart glasses come with three microphones for taking calls.
  • Users can connect their Facebook Ray-Ban Stories to their smartphone via Bluetooth v5 and they are compatible with smartphones running Android 8.0 or above and iOS 13 or above. The smart glasses connect to the smartphone via the Facebook View app which acts as an “operating system and content sharing companion”. The app allows users to import their data from smart glasses and let them create and edit content to share on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and more.
  • The smart glasses are equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi – 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The battery is charged from the included case and the smart glasses are charged through a special port in the hinge. The bundled USB Type-C cable is used for charging the carrying case.
  • Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories comes with Facebook Assistant voice assistant that will help users control various functions of the smart glasses hands-free. Facebook has also mentioned that the use of Facebook Assistant is optional. The voice assistant will keep a log of commands given by the user, but the social media giant has mentioned that users can erase their logs, turning off voice storage with Facebook Assistant from Settings.
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